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Re: Matchmacking

Postby Teep » 29 June 2016, 11:08

Or, have a real and visible ELO system like in chess, for each admiral -split 1v1 and 2v2?
Go up by winning, down by losing, and the field will even out eventually.
Maybe not by amiral level, but by skill level.

This is the #1 missing feature in this game.

PS: and the devs would actually see what's really powerful with the top fleets...

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Re: Matchmacking

Postby Maxajax » 06 July 2016, 17:19

Greetings folks,

I would like to make a mention of something that happened during the very late hours of the night. One of my friends finally started playing the game, so I decided to break out the trusty level ten voidstalker to boost him. Between 1 AM and 7 AM I managed to get his Ork Admiral to level 7, but then something rather appaling happened. I'm not even referring to a salty person complaining about pulsars or anything. Such complaints fall on deaf ears since my Voidstalker, Boaty McBoatface has been specced as a carrier since the Eldar fleet was added. No, I refer to something rather distasteful than people who can't counter bombers:

Around six in the morning, after a smashing live to win session, my Orky friend and I were teamed up against two Imperials. To my distaste I discovered halfway through the battle that they were only level three. We let what was left of their line ships warp out as I did not consider it a fair matchup, but I find it rather disturbing that it is possible for two level 3 players to get matched up against a level 8 Eldar and a level 7 Ork. When I'm fighting a decked out Traktor Beam ork, a bunch of Nova Cannon spamming imps or Chaos players with as many Slaanesh Hellbringers as they are legally allowed to field, I don't hold back, but the notion of putting two players who don't even know how to put an ability on auto-cast up against someone that rakes up 4500 renown in 6 hours is absolutely distasteful. I would rather get no matchmaking pop at all than be forced to perform the equivalency of shooting up a bunch of pre-school students with a Storm Bolter.

What I would recommend is that players below a certain level cannot get matched up against level 8 players. I don't even remember when my Imperial admiral unlocked his first Mars class, but I hypothesize that people that do not have at least one battlecruiser shouldn't be thrown at level 8's like some kind of fanservice meal. I think it would have been level 5-ish. I mean, don't get me wrong, this is not an isolated incident. I've been paired up against level eight players very often when I was levelling my Imperial and my Space Marine for instance, but that's not a problem for me because I can take a beating and just smirk it off, but it feels fucking wrong to pull the trigger on bunch of stock Dauntlesses and non-Dominator cruisers when their owner is still learning.


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