Revised opinions on the Orks and Eldar

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Re: Revised opinions on the Orks and Eldar

Postby Halstead » 13 June 2016, 14:14

Stanley Pain wrote:
Halstead wrote:
Stanley Pain wrote: The Starcannon upgrade that makes you shoot faster when using "reload" seems to be completely broken and/or useless because I haven't noticed it doing a damn thing.
Have you been focusing on one target?

I tested with a friend in custom battles. I didn't notice it doing anything at all. Same DPS with or without it. The other upgrade is marginally better (270 degree firing arc). Stealth upgrade is still the best by far and MUCH less situational :)
Well by the tooltip it go from 2% reduction in fire rate to 50% in 25 seconds. So you should be firing 50% faster/50% more DPS after 25 seconds.

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