Hating on Eldar Tactics

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Re: Hating on Eldar Tactics

Postby Orkan » 21 May 2016, 12:12

I really am tired of players defeatist attitudes vs Eldar Fleets but I do understand it.

In my opinion 12k range on a VS can only stay if 15k range on Imps and Chaos becomes more viable in terms of greater accuracy or damage buff from broadsides.

all fleets definately need more ship slots of all classes to build more specific fleets to handle specific missions or counter factions as well as bring variety to trying out other styles of tactics.

All broadsides need a buff and eldar range nerf is unnecessary. 9k on cruisers is decent and even 12k on a Voidstalker is fair if only the 15k possible from Chaos and Imperial was actually effective.

Orks will need some extra upgrade to buff their big red button to help them close range better because taunt is trash and should be dropped from a tactical game such as this.

This is a space naval game. Make Broadsides something to fear especially at 15k range.

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Re: Hating on Eldar Tactics

Postby Badgutz » 21 May 2016, 12:29

Sooner they remove the Pulsar range increase upgrade the better. People are getting put off the multiplayer game by it. 2v2 engagements really highlight the issue. Soon as they encounter some guy in a voidstalker with one or two upgrades pulling off kills at 12k and countering your attempts to detect him by running one escort spotter, its game over man game over ! Doesn't really matter if you destroy his ally he will kite you into oblivion unless the rng is very very kind.
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Re: Hating on Eldar Tactics

Postby Ivanna » 21 May 2016, 13:02

Orkan wrote:I really am tired of players defeatist attitudes vs Eldar Fleets but I do understand it.

I do think that many people will hate fighting against Eldar regardless of whether they're balanced or not. While the other races are playing the broadside, slugging game with guns in open daylight you have Eldar who stab you in the back when you least expect it, then run away before you can react. Even if this is a tactic which is actually rather *bad* and likely to get the Eldar killed, it will still work some of the time, and when it does you can rest assured the enemy won't find it an enjoyable experience.

At the same time, slugging it out with broadsides in every match would get very stale and uninteresting before too long, especially because of the RNG nature of combat. It becomes too much of a lottery in regards to who wins, and while player skill definitely helps, the influence of the dice roll is far too difficult to ignore. Many players play Eldar in order to have some more control over this aspect of the game, since the focus is much more about positioning and tactics, rather than dice rolls.

Eldar are an outlier in terms of their playstyle right now, which means you need to use different tactics with them and against them, which can be a difficult learning curve if you aren't expecting it or familiar with it. I do believe the game is inherently more interesting with Eldar, and hopefully soon, we will have more races with unique playstyles so that they don't stick out like a sore thumb.

I do think there are certain mechanics that relate to how Eldar play that are poorly designed, such as the ability to manually activate Pulsars and damage ships which you otherwise be completely invisible or outside detection range. It would add some counterplay if you could, for instance, use Auger Disruptor against them to effectively cancel their attack run, but this isn't possible right now because of the fact Pulsars are coded as an ability rather than a weapon mount.

I don't think there's anything wrong with their damage output. It more than makes up for how fragile their ships are, though I think Vaul's Maneuver is too powerful of an ability that makes escaping trivial against most opponents. It's not even a choice. Eldar ships are screwed without it. I would, however, happily see some Holofield buffs in exchange for VM getting toned down a bit.

Sadly, a lot of the complaints about Eldar seem to be focused entirely on Pulsar damage, rather than how they apply that damage, how they position for that damage, and how they escape after doing that damage. Pulsars have an alpha strike that hurts, but it's *meant* to hurt. The entire playstyle is built around the ability to frontload that damage, dealing more damage to their enemy than they can return within a short window of time. The actual damage per second is fairly low, and if the Eldar ship were to stay within firing range, it would be toast in no time.

Thankfully, the devs will be toning down some of that 'how they apply the damage' aspect, by removing the 3km range upgrade. I do believe most people won't care as much about the damage when they can actually see the ships shooting them, and shoot back.

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