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Codex Answers Compiled

Postby RedDevilCG » 13 May 2016, 18:58


Uksharazad87 wrote:Hello Xenos.

Thank you for this opportunity :D

How does the the +three Turrets Upgrade work. Like, what is the literal difference the three turrets make?

The Close defence system is composed of several tiny turrets used to shoot down small targets They have two uses :

1) They can shoot down ordnance squadrons and torpedoes :

Each of these targets have a chance to be shot down (35% in general, otherwise it is precised in the tooltip of the target.) by each turret (Torpedoes are destroyed while squadrons lose 1 craft). with that in mind, 3 turrets gives your ship 3 additional chances to shoot down incoming targets.

Example :
A bomber run comes to my Retribution, which has 18 turrets. Once in range, the squadron will have to successfully pass 18 tests at 65% to reach the target unharmed (since they have 35% chances to be shot down). Each test failed results in a craft of the squadron destroyed, chosen randomly.

If the ship had the additionnal turrets, each target would have to pass 21 tests instead.

Caution :
Torpedoes, as they are smaller, have a reduced chance to be shot down.
The Dodge chances given by the Squadron leader Crew Member, and already present on Eldar crafts and torpedoes, is a second test the target has to pass if they are hit.

Example :
A Bomber Squadron with a Level 3 Squadron Leader misses its test to survive. It has to make another test at 30%. If it succeed, it ignores the damage and no craft is lost. An Eldar squadron in the same situation will then have 60% chances to ignore the hit (Level 3 Squadron Leader + the basic Dodge of Eldar ships).

2) They can shoot down Boarding Shuttles :

When a ship is assaulted throught the "Boarding Action" skill, each turret still active raises the Troop Value of the ship by 1. It then grants you a +3 bonus on your Troop Value which is equal to a level in the Ratings (or faction equivalent) crew member.

Remember: every 100 Hull point lost, a Turret is lost as well. Which means that with 3 additionnal turrets, you can lose 300 hull points and still have just as much turrets as you normally would without the upgrade !

I hope this has been enlightening, Gue'la.


Bludfist wrote:Do ship explosions on destruction damage ships consistently or at all? or is it random if the explosion deals damage?

Ah, I can see why a green-skinned Be'gel would be interested in explosions. The explosions happening after the loss of a vessel is randomly generated, to simulate the randomness of the core generator overloading, or the vessel just becoming an empty, crushed husk in the void of Space.

The transport ships, however, do always explode, as they are fragile and prone to malfunction... And that also dissuade a bit the Ramming strategy.


randuir wrote:Commander, I hop you can enlighten us on the exact effect of the accuracy increasing upgrade. The tooltip lists it simply as increasing accuracy of macro-cannons at ranges beyond 6k, but I don't think the exact increase has ever been given.

-Shas'el Vior'La Randuir

Ah, a soldier of the greater good! My rank, however, isn't Shas'o, the commander, but Kor'o. Or Admiral, for the Gue'la. Your mistake is already forgiven, and forgotten. Your question allows me to dig up my old post talking about the same thing :

Targeting matrix and its factions equivalents have the following effect : It reduces by 50% the accuracy penalty on Macro-Weapons if they fire above 6k.

Now, if it's still a bit cloudy to you, here is how it works :

(Taking Imperial/Chaos Accuracy as an example)
Imperial navy get a 20% penalty for each slice of 3k units distance to its Macro-Weapons' accuracy. It then looks like that :

0k: 100%
3k: 80%
6k: 60%
9k: 40%
12k: 20%
15k: 0%

So, with the upgrade, your penalty, which is 20% for each range, will switch to -10% per range (Above6k) instead. The Accuracy will then be:

0k: 100%
3k: 80%
6k: 60%
9k: 50%
12k: 40%
15k: 30%

As you can see, it greatly boosts your precision at great distance, so prepare your Plasma Batteries accordingly !

(P.S: It -of course- work better with Orks, which have bigger penalties... If you can get their weapons to fire above 6k, that is.)


MadDemiurg wrote:Can you please clarify the stacking of accuracy penalties?

For instance, macro cannon is firing with 80% accuracy at an Eldar ship with max holofields (-50%) brace for impact (-20%) void predator (-20%) in an asteroid field (-50%). How would all this stuff stack? Are modifiers additive or multiplicative? If some are additive, and some are multiplicative, which ones and in what order they would apply? Thanks!

I have to admit, the stackings are a bit disturbing, and will be reworked, both ingame and in text for more understanding.
The actual order of bonuses/maluses are as such :

1) Accuracy = Flat, it gives the base of the equation.
2) Lock On! = +20 to accuracy.
3) Brace for Impacte = -20 to Accuracy.
4) Asteroid field = -50%.
5) Void Predator = -20 accuracy if in a field (Gas or Asteroid)
6) Holofield = -60% at max value

In the next patch, it will be entirely reworked to be :

1) Accuracy = Flat, it gives the base of the equation.
2) Holofield = -60% at max value
3) Lock On! = +20 to accuracy.
4) Brace for Impacte = -20 to Accuracy.
5) Asteroid field = -20 to Accuracy.
6) Void Predator = -20 to Accuracy if in a field (Gas or Asteroid)

This new way of calculating the chances of accuracy will be more easily understood and will give Bonuses/maluses better impacts, as they take effects after the percentages reductions.


Marwynn wrote:What exactly does setting targeting priority and subsystems do? I see my ships preferring to shoot at a target with a higher priority, but the subsystem grants bonus to the critical chance?

Well, Gue'la, Knowing whom and what to target first is a must in a war. I will teach you, and maybe you'll become a Gue'Vesa to thank me.

1) Priority Targets

Set from 1 (High priority) to 4 (Low Priority), The Priority setting determines two things : First, it dictates the use of skills set on auto-launch. While some will not wait for the perfect opportunity (Torpedoes or boarding for example) to hit ad will unleash upon the first enemy encountered, most skills, if they can hit two different targets, will prefer the one with the higher priority. Taunt will then target the ship in range with the higher priority.

CAUTION : If skills have other specific conditions, they will not be taken into account by the priority.
Example :
Two ships are in range for a Lightning Strike attack. A Dauntless and an Emperor. I set Priority 1 on the Emperor, and 4 on the Dauntless, but the Emperor still has shield, while the Dauntless hasn't. The Lightning Strike will not wait for the Emperor's shield to be depleted and target the Dauntless immediatly.

The second use is about weapons and work the same way. If given two possible targets in its firing angle, the weapons will target the vessel with the highest priority. It is quite usefull to maximize firepower on a coward fleeing inspite of its friends.

2) Subsystems

Setting subsystems to be targeted first has one use : A ship's weapons and boarding firing upon an enemy vessel will have slightly improved chances to cause a critical damage to that particular subsystem. It does not mean that the weapons will not be able to critically damage other parts of the ship, though.


Waldmenschen wrote:Hello,

does the Master Gunner for Eldar increase the Crit Chance of Pulsars too?
Or more to the Point: Do Pulsars count as Lances?

Thanks in Advance & Greetings

Greetings, Imperial Gue'la.

Indeed, Pulsars, inspite of their atypical behavior, are considered Lances in all aspects, and benefits from every Lance oriented bonus available to Eldars, including the Master-Gunner. (The exception being the "Accurate" weapon attribute, common to all lances, that pulsars do not have, due to the aforementionned specification of the weapon.)

I hope you are all satisfied with the answers and will think about joinning the Tau'va.


Does the Goff favor have a missing tool tip that provides +10 troop value to the ship? or is it just ram dmg and +1 assault action

As for now, The Goff Favour indeed gives +10 to the troop value. It is a mistake from our end, and it will be corrected with the next Patch.


second Does WAAAAGH skill have a set duration for its effect to occur like an assault action needs to be cast withing X seconds of casting WAAAGH to get the +1 assault action bonus or does it last the reminder of the match after being cast?

As indicated in the Tooltip, the WAAAAGH !! Ork Skill gives +1 Assault Action to boardings during 30 secondes. You better make sure you're close to the enemy when using it, Savage Be'gel.


- Does each turret only roll once against a piece of ordnance or does it have a refire rate?
I'm sure I've had situations where a fleeing ship being pursued by bombers seems to shoot down more before the bombers catch it.

Greetings, corrupted Gue'la. You may never join the Tau'Va, but I'll answer to you anyway, as honour intends.

The Close Defence System turrets doesn't have any firing rate. It takes one test per turret on each target, and then it doesn't fire again on them. The destruction of targets, for visual purpose, doesn't happen at the same time, giving the illusion that targets are destroyed bit by bit, instead of all in one hit.

The only possibility to be shot two times by the Close Defence System is if your Ordnances get out and in again in the range of attack. A fit only Eldar ships are capable of by dashing. But they will not have their dashes to avoid other attacks then...


- Each attack craft is attacked in full by the entire turret array?
- So overwhelming a target by throwing more torpedoes/bombers/assault boats at it doesn't work?
- 18 tests at 65% chance to survive means something like a 0.04% chance for a bomber to survive. Is this maths correct? It seems excessively lethal.

No, the entire Squadron is attacked by the full turret array, and each failure destroys a craft within the squadron.

Throwing more torpedoes and Ordnances is still a valid strategy, as more of targets means more potentially successful targets, which passes through the array. It may just be less effective as you imagined at first. Remember that a ship loses turrets with each slice of 100 Hull points. If you aren't satisfied with unsuccessful Ordnances and torpedoes, try to soften the enemy ships up a bit with brawlers, snipers, and such. Variety is a key in strategy.

You can then send more ordnances ( A styx launches 24 crafts in a row for example), reduce the number of turrets on the enemy ship, or put crew member points in the Squadron Leader to greatly raise the odds of a success.


Are chaos missile turrets significantly different from macro weapons? They accept all three upgrades (AP, range, accuracy), but it is difficult to observe if these actually have the same effect (except range, which seems to work).

Do they work on the same accuracy curve as regular weapon batteries, or a different one? Do they interact with shields and armor the same?

Indeed, Missile Pods are Macro-weapons in all regards. Despite the look of their projectiles, they do not differ from Chaos Maco-baterries and such, and take all upgrades, accuracies, and effects of Macro-weapons.

As a reminder, Macro-weapons regroupe a wide array of different weapons in the Warhammer 40k universe, including missiles in some cases.

Kor'o Elys'eir Sio'Are Kaith Kir'qath, End of transmission.


Does the "Lock on Target" special order affect Torpedoes and Ordnance (Bombers)? If so, how does that work? Should one cast the order before the Ordnance is launched or before it hits the target?

The "Lock On" Special order only affect precision of Macro-weapons, and chances of critical damage dealt through standard weaponry. it does not affect Launch Bays and torpedo launchers as they do not cause damage directly as weapons. Or, if you prefer, it is the bomber and torpedoes that inflict damage. The first one is facing a big enough target to not need to lock on (Bombers critical chances are already quite high) and the other, being a mindless projectile flying straight, wouldn't lock on anything (But they do have high critical damage chances if they hit.)

Greetings everyone, Kor'o Elys'eir Sio'Are Kaith Kir'qath is here to answer your questions right away !


For batteries, are their 4 shots (one for each of the guns) or is that just visual effect?

Each gun on a battery weapon fire an independant projectile, which can either miss or hit. It is not just a visual effect. The tooltip is currently wrong and will be rectified in the next patch.


When you use the skill augur disruptor on an enemy ship do your ships become red dots, unidentified, if they are not in the detection range of the enemy ships after the disruption passes ?

Assuming that all enemy ships where effected.

Augur Disruptor is a powerful skill, that requiers strategy and manoeuvers in order to be effective, but it only reduces the detection range of affected ships. If your ships were identified before the use of the skill, they will stay identified. If you want to return to the "blip" state, the little red dots, you will need to reset your "identified" status. For that, I higly recommend to lead the fight near a gas cloud before using it, using running silent, or the Eldar Alaitoc Favour. And beware as a single enemy ship detecting yours will allow all enemy ships to fire upon your fleets. After all, it is a game of strategy and placement.


If I upgrade a crew slot to level 3, then get inquisitor favor is it now level 4?

As for now, it isn't possible, as an additionnal level in crew member could not give more bonuses (Navigator and faction equivalents) or become, in certain cases, break the game (Servitors (Or equivalent) uping the DPS of Carriers, and Cultists with a Nurgle Favour making them un-boardable.). But with a reconditionning and the Inquisitorial Favour, you'll have another crew member at level 3 and one at level 2, plus all the remaining at level 1. It's a quite interesting deal.


Can you give us the definition of Ordinance? I see this term thrown around alot without anyone saying what it is. Does this include ONLY torps, fighters, bombers, and assault boats? I ask because the tooltip mentions weapons, so I'm wondering if it affects reload rate of macro/lance weapons. At first I was always using Reload skill in fights cause I figured that was a straight 20% increased in DPS because of the 20% increased fire rate of all weapons. I see no one does that though so I guess it does not affect main weapons.

Ordnances are a term used to regroup Fighters, Bombers, and Assault Boat squadrons. Torpedoes are treated separately, due to the inherent differences between the two of them in terms of gameplay (Although in naval terms, and in BG the Tabletop game, both are considered ordnances, we make a difference for our game).

As for the "Reload" special order, as it is indicated in the tooltip, it only affects skills cooldowns and the refill of the combustion gauge. It does not increase the rate of fire of automatic weapons, but it do increase the reload of skill based weapons, such as Launch Bays, Nova Cannons, Pulsars, Torpedo Launchers, Shokk-Attack Mega Kannon, Nova Kannon, and Tracktor Kannon.


Shields: Do they gain bonuses from armor? Does shooting an imperial in the front get the 75% block chance or does it get the straight damage assuming the shot hits?

Armour is an additionnal defence to the Hull of the ship. The Hull being protected by the shield, armour isn't taken into account for shots that damage the shield. So no, the 75% Frontal Armour of a Gue'la, a human, ship will not give its shield 75% chances to deny damages.

Although the Generator upgrade "Voss Pattern Void Shield" of the Imperium do give to the SHIELD a 25% chance to deny hits, if you want.


Turrets/Bombers: Ok so I'm reading your section explaining the turret interaction vs bombers. Can you show how you come to 11.7% chance of that bomber getting through? I'm in agreement with the guy you were responding to as of now. If it's a 65% chance of success and it has to pass EVERY test (18 of them), then that's (.65)^18 = .0004 or .04 % chance of success. One failure means it goes down. Been a while since I had to do math though lol so I could just be thinking about this wrong.

After a consertation with Gue'la technopriests at Tindalos Interactive, it seems a misscommunication led to a problem of misunderstanding, probably from my end. The 18 tests due to turrets are made upon every GROUP of ordnances, and each failed test randomly destroys 1 craft in the group. Which fairly rises the chances of bombers to pass through it, as an entire squadron will need 6 failed tests on the 18 tests taken to be entierly destroyed.

I greatly apologize for my mistake,and is considering the Malk'la ritual in order to attune my mistake.


How exactly does emergency capacitors skill work?

The Emergency capacitors skill speeds up the regeneration of a ship's shield. It is intended to be used once the ship's shields are down and in their recovery phase (the shield bar is purple and slowly replenishes.) or when the rechargement of the shield (if it isn't damaged during 10 seconds) is engaged.


What is the crit chance of bombers, and since bombers also do damage is it really worth using assault craft at all? How many assault attacks does each wave of assault craft perform?

Bombers chances of critical damages depends on the quality of the bomber. The Orks ones have lower chances, while Eldars have higher chances. Imperium and Chaos have 7,5 % chance to cause a critical damage per attack that hit, Orks have 2,5% and Eldars 10%. But the Assault Boats make one assault action for each assault boat that reaches the ship (the hit is automatic, but the Assault action test is not.) which make them more usefull against armoured targets and low troop value (due to mutinies for example).

Another good side of the Assault Boat, is that there is only 2 of them plus 4 fighters in a squadron (Bomber runs have 3 Bombers and 3 Fighters, except Orks that have 6 Bomber-Fighters). This means two things: if a test against the close defence system is failed, there is less chances an assault boat is destroyed, as they have 2 chance out of 6 to be destroyed instead of 3 out of 6 for bomber runs. The downside being that in a stroke of bad luck, the loss of an assault boat is more crippling to the squadron than the loss of a bomber in a bombing run.


What is the chance of a fighter wing shooting down torpedos or other strike craft?

The odds of a fighter destroying an enemy ordnance or torpedo is the same as the close defence system turrets, which means 35% for most targets, unless specified otherwise.

They do not, unlike the close defence system, raise troop value against boarding, though.


does prioritizing subsystems work with bombers and torpedoes?

Yes, Subsystem targeting affects all weapons and assault actions as well (an information I missed). If you want to know how it works in details, here it is:

Upon damage or assault actions taken, a test is rolled to see if a critical damage will occure (Based on a percentage for weapons, and on Troop Value for assault actions). If the test is successful, another test will determine where the critical damage is set and one last test to determine if the critical damage is a destruction of the subsystem, or a "lighter" critical damage such as "Hull breach" or "Fire onboard".

Or in clear :
1) Critical damage Test
2) Target Test
3) Effect of the critical damage Test

In case of a specific targeting, if the second test's result isn't the desired subsystem, the test is rerolled, which raises the odds of hitting the desired subsystem. In case the second test doesn't hit the desired subsytem, it is the second test that is taken into account.

CAUTION : Inspite the way critical damages are determined, a hull breach or fire onboard do not have specific effects depending on the target hit.


Thank you, xenos blueberry, I have a different question. Waaagh! and the Boarding Torpedoes, is the bonus assault action granted after the firing of the torpedoes or can I trigger the Waaagh! skill just as the torpedoes hit, as long as it affects the ships that fires the torps?

Xeno Blueberry ? Such disrespect... Can't expect much more from a Snae'ta Gue'la.

As stated in the WAAAAGH Tooltip, it only affects boarding, not other assault actions. Despite their name, Boarding Torpedoes aren't Boarding, as it is a specific skill (the close range boarding action) and as such, aren't affected by the WAAAAGH! Gameplay-wise, it would be too game-breaking.


A few patches ago you guys said that you added to affects to missile pods based on the god favor

Indeed, but the effects added to the missile pods was purely cosmetic. Before this patch, the 3D Mesh of the missile pods dissapeared if a favour was set on the ship. Now, they have 3D meshes. It is just that. Sorry!


I hope you are satisfied with my work here, and I want to know your feelings about the way I do things. For example, are you okay with long posts like this one gathering answers, or would you prefer multiple posts answering to one question at a time ? Send your feedbacks in my inbox to keep this thread clean, please.

Thank you all for your support.

Kor'o Elys'eir Sio'Are Kaith Kir'qath, end transmission.


For twin linked weapons if I added the +3k lance range upgrade, does it also affect the macro component?

Twin-linked batteries have distinctive weapons. As such, every upgrade only affects the specified weapons, even inside the Twin-linked battery weaponry. So the Lance range upgrade only affects the Lances. On the other hand, you'll have a versatile ship, but I am aware that the Twin-linked battery is quit uneasy to use in terms of upgrade efficiency.


How is damage calculated when ramming a ship? I assume things like size difference, speed, etc. play a factor but I'm unsure as to exactly how. Thanks in advance!

1. could you please explain ram mechanics and give some hard numbers?

For detailed explanations and hard numbers, my co-worker Virus Sarcastus will jump by and explain it.


-can you intercept bombing runs for example get a ship between a carrier and its target or surround a carrier with escorts with the turret upgrade and just surround it with so much flak that they die as soon as they leave the launch bay, and if this is an option wat is the range similarly wat is the range on intercepting torpedos how close do i need to keep my formation to have overlapping fields of flak
-do assault boats suffer turrets double? they need to reach the ship but once they do do the turrets stil count as +1 troopvalue
-sidenote why does the mark of korne have no effect on assault boats? i can understand space marines being to valuable to risk like that i dont understand how the trip is so relaxing for my bezerkers
-similarly boarding torpedos do they have to deal with turrets twice?

I'll answer in order to each question :
- Intercepting a bombing run by placing ships between a carrier and its target is a valid and clever strategy, that is why the +3 turrets upgrade is quite usefull against carriers if fitted on low cost, fast escort ships.

- The range of action of the close defence system is 1.250 units. It's quite small, but considering its efficiency, it's not that bad.

- Assault boats are not boarding shuttles. The bonus given to troop value is only taken into account for Boarding action, as in the sill "Boarding Action". The tests against troop value of enemy ships to make a critical damage is called an Assault Action. There is a distinction :
Boarding Action is a skill that triggers multiple Assault Actions.
Assault Actions regroup all tests due to skills, such as Boarding Action, Lightning Strike, Boarding Torpedos, Avatar of Khaine, Shokk-Attaque Mega Kannon, Terminator Lightning Strike, Demonic Lightning Strike, and so on.

- All Chaos Space Marines that serves Khorne aren't Berserkers. They are special units reserved to this god, though. As such, they are kept for the most destructive action possible, the Boarding. And if you want more fluff-wise explanation, try to picture a blood-thristy, merciless demented superhuman on the verge of battle with all intended adrenaline due to anticipation close to other, killable things in a tiny box of metal that travels a long distance trip. My guess is, he'll have repainted the walls red way before reaching the target. But with boarding shuttles, the trip is fast, and the enemy plenty enough for Berserkers to not kill their friends. (Gameplay wise, it would be to avoid game-breaking strategy. 4 Assault Action at 12.000 units of distance with auto-aim is nasty.)

- Boarding Torpedoes works the same way than Assault Boats. They only risk destruction through the close defence system, not a bonus on the enemy troop value.


arnt 12 of those interceptors... how do they work wat do they do also how do interceptors launched separately work? i saw the rok had 10 launch bays my torpedos shouldn't really have had a chanse even if it was launching bombers there would have been 30 interceptors i would like to know how i succeeded

Indeed, with 4 squadrons of bombers, or 24 crafts in total, 12 of them are bombers, and 12 are Fighters (For Assault Boats it would be 8 Assault Boats and 16 Fighters). The Escort Fighters have 2 uses :

1) Avoid important losses :

As I said before, if a Squadron fails a test and loses a craftin a full ordnance squadron, there is 50% ( ~66% for an assault boat squadron) chances for the destroyed craft to be a fighter, which leaves the bombers still at full capacity.

"But why not just make waves full of bombers ? Losing a fighter and keeping 3 bombers is still worst than losing a Bomber and still have five !" Will you say. Well the reasons are that this would be game breaking (or it would be necessary to reduce bombers damages) and...

2) Intercept on course :

Escort Fighters can intercept any ordnances and torpedoes near them. They can be used to destroy/Weaken incoming torpedoes and Bomber/Assault Boat runs from afar, but it would be difficult and tricky, a move only for Expert carrier players. But more importantly, these escort fighters can reduce the number of defensive fighter squadrons your enemy has deployed way more efficiently than bombers. And once the defensive fighters sent to the void, Bombers will only have to fight the close defence system !


I honestly would like to know if, when you are testing areas of this game, do you have any playtest, before release, by players who are 'New' to the game mechanics and background? I know that play testers who are already familiar with the game info and background are needed but how about new players who do not know anything about game mechanics? In other words the folks who buy the game not knowing much more than advertised or some past TT experience? I did read that you wanted a 'punishing game' in your previous reply about points so I wondered if you are satisfied with the new player experience?

In our research to deliver the best game possible, we try as much as possible to include various profiles with different visions of the game in our playtests to have the widest variety of feedback and choose the way we want to take.

We indeed desired a game that was punitive, while staying fun and pleasurable, but we are aware that to new players, it might be difficult to get into the game. That is why we are constently working to improve the game, and the players' feelings. We indeed take great care of new players experience, and have already made some adjustments a while ago to ease these new players into the game, while retaning the punitive system. For example, in case you did not notice, with a Level 1 Admiral, the costs of repairs for a destroyed ship are greatly reduced.


Last question about turrets I promise. So turret tests are made against groups of ordnance, for torpedoes I assume there are no groups so each individual torpedo faces all 18 turrets (at their reduced chance of being destroyed)?

Torpedoes are indeed considered independantly. They do face every one of the 18 turrets, and it is the exact reason torpedoes have the "Tiny Target" attribute that reduces their chance of being destroyed.


2. What is the real damage of ork bombers (my tooltip says 2, seems a tad low)

Indeed, the Tooltip is false. Ork Chassa-Bomma deals 10 damage each, and a Squadron contains 6 Fighta-Bomma (Unlike other factions that only have 3 Bombers and 3 Fighters) as Orks have multipurpose but less efficient crafts.

I hope those answers carried you closer to the greater good.

By the way, do you know why the Tau diplomats are all from the Water cast ? Because they always talk about Tau well-being.

Kor'o Elys'eir Sio'Are Kaith Kir'qath, End transmission.

could you please explain ram mechanics and give some hard numbers?

Ram mechanic

Damages are functions of Speed and Max Life.
+ Attributes (Fragile, Spur, etc)
+ Damages are Mitigated by armor

Get Speed for Ships S1 and S2 (Take into account ship translation and not rotation)

Code: Select all

Vector Speed1 = S1.Velocity
Vector Speed2 = S2.Velocity

Get Speed Difference

Code: Select all

Vector SpeedDiff = Speed1 - Speed2
Float SpeedIntensity = |SpeedDiff|

Then we get the LifeMax of ships

Code: Select all

Float MaxLife1 = S1.MaxLife
Float MaxLife2 = S2.MaxLife

Then we have what we need to calculate damages
Ship1 does damage to ship2

Code: Select all

Float Damage1 = MaxLife1 * SpeedIntensity

Ship2 does damage to ship1

Code: Select all

Float Damage2 = MaxLife2 * SpeedIntensity

Attributes are here

Code: Select all

//Spur or power ramming upgrade
Float Damage = Damage * 1.5 (all but Rammin' Gob x3)
Float Damage = Damage * 0.5

At the end we Mitigate the damages: multiply by (1 - Armor) with armor in %

Code: Select all

Float LifeRemovedForShip1 = Damage2 *  (1 - Armor)

There is one more variable K, a constant. We multiply Damage by K.
K is currently 1/3.

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Re: Codex Answers Compiled

Postby RedDevilCG » 13 May 2016, 18:59


-In response related to accuracy calculations it was stated that holofields reduce it by 60% at max. In game tooltip says 50%. Who's wrong here?
-Under which conditions Saim Hann ambusher bonus applies (if it works at all now)?

As of now, the Tooltip is wrong and will be corrected in the next patch. Holofield does give 60% accuracy reduction to enemy macro-weapons.

Saim-Hann upgrade, Ambusher, gives +50% damage to Starcannons and Pulsars if the ship is in the "Blip" status, which means if it is a big red dot. If you want to be sure you are in such status, be sure to be out of enemy detection zone, and use the Running Silent special order, or lead the fight near gas clouds.


one more!
what is the range of interceptors, i see myself as a mid level carrier player going for high, knowing how close i need to get my bombing runs to torpedo's will help a lot
ok fine two, does each interceptor only do 1 intercept check for example if my bombing squad goes past a torpedo will my interceptors rejoin the squad after their attack run to cover my bombers or do they unload everything they have on that 1 torpedo?

The range of Escort Fighters is 1.200 around the Bombers, and Defensive Fighters have a range of 6.000, Also note that refering to the tooltip, Fighters have two attacks, they roll two tests to see if they destroy anything, which for Defensive fighters, give 12 attacks, and 8/6 for Assault Boat/Bomber Squadrons.
And do not worry, Escort Fighters have plenty of ammunition to lay waste, they will stay with the bombers, covering them, until they die or get back home.


one more, does movement influence accuracy against non eldar races, i think i remember an old post by ravensberg saying you could dodge things like macro fire with high energy turns, does this mean that not moving actually gives long range macro an accuracy buff against you ?

You are lucky I am a Tau, bestowed with infinite patience for those that could join the Tau'va, Gue'la...

Macro-weapons, due to the speed of their projectiles, could indeed miss if the enemy moves too much, just like in reality. Although the firing computers of one's ship are quite capable to predict a future position to hit a moving target, some unpredictable movements can mess with the effective precision of the macro-weapons. But it has been taken into account and such avoidance always has a price, such as some Combustion Gauge power, or the Eldar Dash... Even a Big Red Button, if the Orks make such a waste!


So, taking +100 hull makes you better at ramming? Good to know.

Indeed, it does !


Kor'o Elys'eir Sio'Are Kaith Kir'qath, End Transmission

Kor'o Elys'eir Sio'Are Kaith Kir'qath, back from a dangerous mission, is ready to spread the light of knowledge amongst you.



I have a ship with carrier capacity (Launch Bays).
I have the ship set to automatic trigger the 'Reload' Order and automatic launch bombers.
I have two targets ahead of me: an escort and a capital ship.
Does the AI prioritise the Escort or the Line ship first without specific orders? Or is it which ever was spotted first?

Now, if I set the escort to priority 2, and the Capital ship to priority 1: will the strike craft launch at the capital ship?

In the abscence of prioritizing set by the player and automatic launch for bombers, behavior works as such :

1) If an attack order is set, the ship sends its bombers on its current target.
2) If no priority or attack orders are set, the ship will send its bombers on the closest target.
3) If a higher priority target is within range, the skills and weapons that can fire upon them will do it, ignoring lower priority targets within range.


Finally, once the strike craft have launched, when exactly does the AI trigger the Order that is set to auto? And while I'm on the subject, what are the trigger conditions for orders set to auto?

Concerning special orders, the conditions for IA to launch the skills are :

Lock On! : Have an attack order + Being in range with a weapon + Being in range of the Behaviour set for the ship.
Reload! : Having more than 50% of your skills on Cooldown.
Brace for Impact! : Having no shield and taking damages in quick succession.
Running Silent : 1 chance out of 3 to be launched at the start of the game. After that : Having an attack order + Being in range set by the Behaviour + Being able to become furtive (Being outside dettection range)


What point in armor when every popular weapon in game (Imperial Macro, Mega Cannons/Heavy Cannon, Chaos Lances, Bombers, Pulsars) are equipped (or can be equipped) with "armor piercing" rule?

As stated by another player, Armour is used for many things. It mitigates Ramming and Asteroid field damages, and give an additionnal protection against macro-weapons above 3k. Because moving to 3K is sometimes risky, against Orks and Imperium, and when it is not, it is difficult (Chaos and Eldar). In addition, the *Armour Piercing* rule sets it to 25% which means that although it is efficient against Orks and Imperium frontal armor, it is much less usefull against Chaos, Imperium Side/Rear Armour, Orks Side Armour that only lose half their efficiency, and useless on Eldars and Rear Ork Armour, which remains at 25%. Like many of our features, it is all a matter of "how" you use it rather than "if" you use it.


So each gun in a battery has a chance to do 15 damage (for the Plasma batteries) or what exactly does it mean?
What about lance turrets ? Mixed batteries?

Indeed, the damages indicated in the tooltip is per projectile. A Plasma Macro-Battery then have 15 x 4 damages potential (If they all hit) every 12 seconds, their rate of fire. It works the same way for Lances, and even the Twin linked battery (which tooltips gives both lances and macro-weapons stats). Remember though, that for now the tooltips are wrong for the number of attacks of batteries and will be fixed in the next patch.


However, can we please get more accurate tooltips (like about weapon accuracy upgrade) for certain parts of the game please?

This is indeed one of the secret goals of this thread, identifying the things that causes misunderstandings, and if a Tooltip rework allows suppression of said misunderstanding, modifying it in the appropriate way. But we try to keep our upgrades tooltips short and easily readable, so a consensus between the full explanation of the functionnality and something easily understandable is sometimes hard to reach. That won't stop us from improving them, but it is tricky and might eventually backfire, so we have to be cautious.


- Some folks here have already given me a good idea of how it works but I'd like to hear it from an official source. What exactly do the different difficulty settings in the Campaign and Skirmish. Is it just a variable for how many ship points the AI is allowed to use? Or does it actually change their behaviour? And are there other impacts especially in the campaign?

Sadly no, the IA does not become significantly smarter with the difficulty. The modifications set with difficulty are :

Easy : Enemy Fleet point at the start of the game -15% (Modified with the advancement of the Campaign), Threat gauge increases by +4 for each world taken by a Threat Faction, Enemy weaponry damage reduced by 10%.
Normal : Enemy Fleet point at the start of the game -5% (Modified with the advancement of the Campaign), Threat gauge increases by +8 for each world taken by a Threat Faction.
Hard : Enemy Fleet point at the start of the game +5% (Modified with the advancement of the Campaign), Threat gauge increases by +12 for each world taken by a Threat Faction.
Heroic : Enemy Fleet point at the start of the game +15% (Modified with the advancement of the Campaign), Threat gauge increases by +16 for each world taken by a Threat Faction.


The first one is about shield transfer; say i have a ship with a purple shield bar, firstly this purple bar indicates how long its taking for the shield to recharge right?

So when i transfer shield why does the shield fill more with purple instead of filling with blue?

The Purple bar replacing the blue one is indeed an indicator of how much is the shield close to reactivate at its full potential. It is a state of the shield, the other one being the "Active" state, indicated with theb blue bar, that stops incoming attack but damages the shield.

Void Shield transfer instantly gives +100 points to the allied ship's shield, and is dependent on the current state of the shield. If the shield is active, it gives +100 shield points to the active shield, making it last longer. If the shield is recharging, it gives +100 points to the recharge bar, fastening the moment where the shield will come back online.

note that the recharge rate of a shield is 2% of its max value per second. With that in mind, the skill Void Shield Transfer is best used while the shield is recharging on lighter ships, and while it is still active on heavier vessels.


Secondly is the max armor value a section of the ship can have 75? For example if i had an ork ship with 75 armor prow and i brace for impact does my prow armor value raise above 75?

75% is the best base value a ship can have, but it is not limited at 75%. The Special Order "Brace for Impact!" do give +20 to armour for a new value of 95%, enough to stop nearly every hit, unless it has Armour Piercing (But remember that the "Brace for impact!" armour boost override the Armour Piercing, givig the ship 45% Armour even against Armour-Piercing weapons!)
The Eldars also have the Wraithbone Reinforcement, which set their frontal armour at 100%, making them impervious to frontal hits except Armour piercing).


What does 'Executing' an insubordinate ship actually do? (other than cancelling the warp out)
Does 'mutiny' apply any negatives or other effects?

Executing an officer places a new, inexperimented captain at its helm. As such, the ship won't gain experience from the battle. Letting an insubordinate warp out will let the coward learn from his mistakes, though.

Mutiny has a Tooltip you can see by letting the mouse over its icon, but I will resume its effects :
Upon execution of a commanding officer, some of the crew make a mutiny on the ship. It will randomly cause 0 to 2 critical damages on the ship randomly selected, and the ship's troop value is reduced by 10. In addition, the new Captain not being acquainted with the ship and crewmen, causes all cooldown and combustion gauge refill to suffer a +20% to their cooldowns, making them longer to recharge.

It also stacks, which means, with a lack of luck or commissar (or faction equivalent), you could end up with a ship with 0 Troop Value (Each assault action on this ship will be successful), +100% or more on all cooldowns, and crippled to the point it has become a useless husk of metal.


Might I suggest however that, since you asked for feedback, if this thread gets more busy you present people with a template which dictates how they ask their questions. That way it will be easier for you, Sio'are, to sift through everything that's being said and avoid any missed questions as well as save you some time speed reading through things that aren't presented as dictated in the template.

A great idea, but I believe it would be unpractical in a thread, and it might be too late for that. Most people coming here do not read the first post, so even integrating a "Post like this please :" section to it might not be usefull. I then prefer to let each players use freely their own words, even at a cost of some reading/understanding time. It's an ill for a good. A GREATER good.


I would like to thank you for your feedbacks and your appreciation of our work at Tindalos interactive. And as a token of appreciation, another one of my lame puns regarding Tau !

How are colonizing Tau citizen called ? Septllers !

Kor'o Elys'eir Sio'Are Kaith Kir'qath, End Transmission.


How 20% armour bonus is calculated? Before or after AP? I've seen a note that Brace makes AP weapons respect full amour value, is it true?

For instance, a lance is firing at a ship with 50 armour using brace. What armour value will the ship have against the attack?

As stated in my previous post, as well as in the Brace for Impact tooltip, if I recall correctly, the Brace for Impact bonus Armour is the only thing that overrides the Armour-Piercing weapon attribute.

1) A ship targeted by armour piercing weapons use brace for impact.
2) An armour piercing weapon hit the ship, reducing its armour to 25%.
3) Bonus Armour from the Brace for impact skill applies anyway, which put the ship's armour to 45% even against Armour piercing weapon.

Result : The targeted ship has 45% chances to deny the Armour-Piercing hit.


wait sir so super heavy does not mean 75 armor?

No, super-heavy is a term of classification for armour that will be replaced to be more understandable. The "old" classification was :

Light : 25%
Standard or normal : 50%
Heavy : 75%
Super-heavy : 100%

The numbers will remain the same. Only the terms in tooltips and such will be suppressed (The only "survivor" of this old classificiation being the Eldar skill, as far as I recall).

Kor'o Elys'eir Sio'Are Kaith Kir'qath, back from its weekly stasis. Us Tau have shorter lifespan than humans, I have to preserve myself if I want to keep answering your questions.


I have seen the ALT prompt on a few tool tips, but they seem broken. When I tried a few the tooltips don't seem to change at all. So I assumed they hadn't been implemented.

Indeed, the game do have advanced Tooltips in some case, and usually give more informations. It might be a lot or just a sentence, depending on what we judged to be necessary informations, and additionnal intels. If you ever encounter an advanced tooltip that is exactly the same than the normal one, feel free to message me privately and I'll fix it ASAP.


Another question: How many attacks Lotsa guns actually make (disredarding the +/-50% modifier)? Hard to tell from the weapon model cause of +/- 50% modifier not all of them are supposed to fire at the same time. Also, are tooltips going to include a proper number of attacks for batteries in the future so you don't have to count barrels?

As stated a while ago, the number of attacks is false on battery weapons, and will be fixed to display the right number of shots (usualy 1 per gun un a battery weapon, so it will indeed indicate the right number of attacks, no need to count the guns then !

And about the Gunz in general, their number of attacks indicated is the average number of shots. This number is then modified from -50% to +50% (+0% being a valid possibility), rounded to the inferior.
For example, if a Gunz has 4 number of attacks, it will randomly fire 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 shots.

In case of a battery of Gunz, the basic number of attacks indicates the number of Gunz in the battery, and the random modificator is an embodiement of Ork Techy-ology : Sometimes, weapons will jam and not fire, and sometimes, it will unleash a storm of bullets and other projectiles, such as infortunate grotz.


Is Goff favor the only favor in the game that grants 3 bonuses? With 50% inc ram dmg, +10 troop value, and +1 assault action?

Or does it only grant +50% ram dmg, and +10 troop value?

Actually, Goff Favour does give 2 upgrades : "+50% Ramming Damage", and "+1 Assault action in boarding and +10 Troop Value". As you can see, the second upgrade gives 2 bonuses, but it is not the only Favour to do that. Khorne Mark and Space Marines Favour give 3 bonuses as well.

ALTHOUGH, the +10 Troop value to Goffs is a mistake that will be fixed in the next patch. It is inherently weaker than the other factions counterparts thant give both additionnal assault actions and troop value, but Orks have a Faction trait, Savage Boarding, that already gives +1 assault action to boarding. As such, the Goff Favour is a really aggressive favour oriented toward "Brawler" archetypal ships.


what is the probability of a successful boarding action or lightning strike and how is this affected by troop value

The probability of Assault Actions success depends on one, or two things, depending the skill used :

Lightning Strike and Advanced Lightning Strikes (Demonic, Terminator, Avatar of Khaine), Assault Boats, Shokk Attack Mega-Kannon :
Chances of success :
100 - Enemy Troop Value.

Boarding actions :
100 - (Enemy Troop Value + Number of Close Defence System turrets still active).


1 - Did Turbo Weaponry/Really Big Gunz on kannons keep them at 0% accurency above 3k ? So this upgrade alone is useless ?
2 - Which effect Targeting Matrix/Grot Gunnerz has on a kannons with turbo Turbo Weaponry/Really Big Gunz ? and on one without ?

I will repeat myself here, so be keen on checking other answers before asking questions.

The Grot Gunnerz only improves Accuracy above 6k. As such, Kannonz, that fires at 3k, aren't affected and keep their base accuracy. Even upgraded with Really Big Gunz, they can only fire at 6k, which is still not enough to go above the threshold which is 6k. The upgrade is then still inactive. It does relative wonders on Gunz, though.


You have been rather quiet over the week-end. Not that I complain, and I do hpe such silence is in place not because you gave up, but because your questions have been answered.

Seen written on a Tau motivational poster :
If you don't have faith in your commander's skills, believe in your Aun!

Kor'o Elys'eir Sio'Are Kaith Kir'qath, End of Transmission.


Say, bomber wing enters outer edge of turret activity zone, but because the target is steaming away at best speed, the bombers spend more time than normal between entering turret danger zone and actually attacking the vessel - will a second round of turret checks be triggered after some amount of time has passed? Or is trying to force more turret fire not supported by game mechanics?

As stated by angelshard, the only way to force an ordnance to retake the tests are to get it out of the Close Defence System range, then back in again. I stated the Eldars and their dashs were the only one capable of such things, but I have to make an erratum here. A well-timed Micro Warp Jump, any ship that can reach above 600 speed or trapping the Ordnance in a Stasis Bomb and manoeuvering can achieve the same result.


Second question: You mentioned that escort fighters (or fighta-bommazs) of a wing en route to an enemy target will attack enemy ordinance within a small area of its attack path. Can two wings crossing paths like this wipe each other out, depending on dice luck(squadron sergeants/eldar craft)?

Indeed, two crossing squadrons will try to wipe each others. On a REALLY big strike of luck, one can entirely destroy the other.


You can send bombers and assaults boats on a target at 12k range but have they a maximum travel range before go back or will they follow the target if it move away?

Answered from the Techno-priests great knowledge of the machine spirit : Once sent, a Bomber/Assault Boat squadron will pursue its target until it is destroyed, or it reached it. The only way to stop an ordnance run inbound is to become furtive, through a gas cloud or the running silent special order, for example. Sorry, Bludfist.


Vandaar wrote:
Sio'are wrote:

I will repeat myself here, so be keen on checking other answers before asking questions.

The Grot Gunnerz only improves Accuracy above 6k. As such, Kannonz, that fires at 3k, aren't affected and keep their base accuracy. Even upgraded with Really Big Gunz, they can only fire at 6k, which is still not enough to go above the threshold which is 6k. The upgrade is then still inactive. It does relative wonders on Gunz, though.

May be I ve make my question not clear enough i'm sorry for that.

The question was not about general effect of range upgrade and accuracy upgrade but about kannons imprecise attribute.

If I remember right I saw a post during the beta which explain that kannons was nerfed to become naturally inaccurate. And they got the imprecise attribute.

Technically it was something like 100% hit chance at 0k that decrease to 0% at 3k.

So what is the exact accuracy of kannons compare to Gunz ? In game the imprecise attribute only say "This weapon has reduced accuracy".
If that accuracy is 0% at 3k what effect have upgrades on kannons ? Is those upgrades are useless for kannons and only usefull for Gunz ?

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Oh, I see. You have my sincere apologize for not understanding your question.

The Imprecise attribute doubles the accuracy loss for each slice of 3k units.

Orks have a 25% loss of accuracy per 3k units, giving them the following results :
0k: 100% chances to hit
3k: 75% chances to hit
6k: 50% chances to hit
9k: 25% chances to hit
12k: 0% chances to hit
15k: 0% chances to hit

The Imprecise attribute causes the weapon to have a 50% loss of accuracy per 3k, giving the following :
0k: 100% chances to hit
3k: 50% chances to hit
6k: 0% chances to hit
9k: 0% chances to hit
12k: 0% chances to hit
15k: 0% chances to hit

As you can see, the Really Big Gunz upgrade do have a rather interesting effect on kannonz, but the Grot Gunnerz upgrade is still ineffective.

Guess I was wrong and lost the argument, I am surprised it is the +10 troop value removed as this will mean orks are the only faction with out a +troop value favor

and while i do see that the intention of the favors such as MoK and goff are ment to support the brawler playstyle, unfortunately other favors have overtaken

Orks are set to be an agressive faction, as such, they have multiple offensive bonus, through favours for example. A Goff Light Cruiser with Goff Favour triggers as much assault action with a boarding action as any other factions vanilla Battleship !

I beg to differ. The actual meta gives a tactical edge to kiters and hit-and-runners, but if that tactical advantage is suppressed, brawlers are deadly up-close, which means those favours are still valuable. Of course, the balance isn't perfect, and we constantly work on it.


Does the game treat shok attack as a lighting strike, and as such ulthwe favor grants +30 vs it?

Secondly if it indeed is just a long range LS, does the savage boarding attribute affect it?

The Shokk-Attack Mega Kannon skill is not a Lightning Strike, despite the look of its FX.

Lightning Strikes consists on sending a small Elite troop within the enemy ship through teleportation, while the Shokk Attack is basically sending thousands of grots through the warp (which isn't teleportation) without shields or whatever (which means said grots are assaulted by demons on the trip. That is also why the shields are useless against that attack, they do not block warp rifts) and what is left of the greenskins warp out within the ship, in Frenzy and Madness, to devour and claw into anything.

As such, the Shokk Attack do not take into account maluses nor bonuses that Lightning Strikes could have.

As for savage boarding, it only gives +1 Assault Action to boarding actions. It does not include Lightning Strikes, Boarding torpedoes or Assault Boat.


I was hoping someone could shed some light on the functionality of the Micro-Warp Jump ability. I find this ability incredibly useful on my slow, lumbering Battle Cruiser, especially in data recovery missions, but im finding that sometimes it wont let me warp to where I need to, and I don't know why. Ive encountered scenarios where, even if the place I want to warp to is empty of enemy ships, I still cant designate that area as my destination. This is pretty frustrating as it has caused me to lose battles before because I couldn't get close enough to an enemy ship to steal data back (or cant run away, and end up getting data stolen). The value of this ability will drop dramatically in my eyes if it has really specific requirements for its destination.

Micro Warp Jump is a skill that allows you to teleport under certain conditions. You may have been the infortunate victim of a bug, although I personnaly do not recalled a bug happening on that skill since a long time, I encourage you to post your issue on the technical support forum instead.

Otherwise, the Micro-warp jump can't work if:
- Any ship is within 3.000 units of the desired position. (wether or not the ship is visible to you)
- Your ship's generator is critically damaged
- You're targeting a space outside detection range.

Kor'o Elys'eir Sio'Are Kaith Kir'qath, Ready to do my duty !

Only one little doubt: the Zzapp Mega Kannon is a lance and a kannon so ... the upgrade of 3.000 of each (lances and kannons) should affect it from 12k to... 18k?? I tried it but I think the maximum range was 15k

Despite its name (You know how orks name things), the Zzap Kannon is indeed a Lance and only benefits from Lance Upgrades. But I do see the problem, and I'll see if I can do anything about this, although I doubt it, since we try to keep as much name fluff-true as possible.


1. Do the overload generator skill replace the 100% crit from lock on or are they cumulative?

It's a replacement. Basically, you jump from a doubled to a quadrupled chance to deal critical damages with lances.


2. Is it true that any hit depleting shields doesn't carry excess damage over to hull? It seems some do and some don't, what is the logic?

The logic is quite simple : In case of a "projectile", be it a Lance Beam or a Macro-Weapon ammunition, the projectile is destroyed when hitting the shield, hence nothing can "carry the damages" to the hull, the projectile being destroyed. With the same logic, powerful blasts don't need any projectiles and can overcome a shield to damage a hull. As such, Plasma bombs, Destroyed ship explosions and Nova Cannon explosions deals the extra damage left by the shield's destruction to the hull.

Or to be simple :
Damage carried if the damage is an explosion. Otherwise it is not.


3. Can melta torpedoes crit beyond the guaranteed fire? (I know they have a crit chance of 11%, but I've yet to see them make more than a fire).

No, it is a template error to indicate critical chances of Melta Torpedoes since they can only deal their automatic fire onboard critical damage if they can pass the Armour.


Was it intentional or not,
That when a ship finishes it's warp jump preparation, and the game starts the animation for entering the warp, while taking away gameplay control from the player, for the enemy ships fire and abilities to still impact the ship.

It is intentional. The whole game is about making tactical choices, with more or less risks and knowledge. As such, Warping out at unsafe distance from the enemy's teleportariums is a calculated risk. As for the example you gave, I guess your adversary was just lucky : Since the enemy can't see your Warp out Gauge, he just happened to have launched his Lightning strike in the couple seconds where it was too late for you to cancel the warp jump. A couple seconds latter or earlier, and you might have won.


How do Captain levels for ships work? We know that Admiral level is based on XP, do Captain levels for individual ships work the same way? If so, how is XP rewarded to your ships? What is the XP threshold for each level? If not, how do ship levels work? Number of battles fought/won?

The Captains gain 100XP with each mission, successful or failed, except if the ship was destroyed.

As for the Threshold for each Levels:
LVL 1 > 2 : 100
LVL 2 > 3 : 200
LVL 3 > 4 : 300
LVL 4 > 5 : 400
LVL 5 > 6 : 500
LVL 6 > 7 : 600
LVL 7 > 8 : 700
LVL 8 > 9 : 800
LVL 9 > 10 : 900

Each new level reached, the XP bar is reset to 0. Hence, a ship will have to fight and survive to 45 missions to get from level 1 to 10.


Does that mean that troop value is only a defensive stat ? Only the number of assault actions affects the lighting strikes and boardings 'higher' success rate ?

Indeed, Troop Value is only Defensive. For an Offensive stat, you can only raise the number of assault actions, or try to trigger insubordination on enemy ships, as the Mutiny debuff lowers the troop value.


Maybe the Orks are supposed to have the +10 bonus by default—their starting troop value is already 70 (even the escorts)—and I guess they don't get to stack favour bonuses on top of that. Right now only the Ulthwe and Nurgle favours can reach 89 troop value, and Ulthwe only works against lightning strikes.

Indeed, the Orks have a natural bonus of +10 to their troop value, which is why they don't have any bonuses that grant more. You can also find the Eldars to have a natural malus of -10 to the troop value, but the Biel-Tan Favour allow them to go toe-to-toe in terms of raw Troop Value against any other ships with Favours of the other Factions, excepted the Nurgle ships.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but that problem being highlighted here is not that the brawling playstyle is bad compared to kiting, and that dedicated assault favours like the Mark of Khorne and the Goff Clan are therefore also bad. Rather, the issue is that other favours support the brawling playstyle so much better.

For example, the Mark of Khorne is overshadowed by the Mark of Nurgle. Khorne has decent boarding resistance, but Nurgle gives near immunity. Khorne's improved boarding actions and lightning strikes are countered by Nurgle's boarding resistance, and both actions share a long cooldown. Compare this to Nurgle's locust swarm, which does constant, unmitigated damage to nearby enemies. For a brawling Chaos fleet, the slow, bloated Nurgle appears to be a better choice than the vicious, mighty Khorne nearly all the time.

And the Evil Sunz Clan is favoured over the Goffs. Orks need traktor cannon and improved boost to catch the enemy first, much more than they need improved damage and boarding when they do catch up.

You are not wrong in noticing the true meaning of the player, but I do not think the favours are more or less usefull, they just fit different situations, and often work better when used in synergy.

To take your examples : Nurgle has really good upgrades indeed, but against a fairly skilled player, they are only defensive. It will dissuade him to come close of your ships, as he won't likely be able to board them, and will certainly won't risk to come close to the locust swarms. Although Khorne is massively oriented toward attack, with two bonuses to cripple and only one to defend. To take an extreme example, it will be hard to take a good Eldar within a Nurgle cloud, but an improved Lightning strike will do wonders against them.

As for the Orks, I'll just say one thing : Goff + Evil Sunz = utter destruction. Start a BRB with the Goff, pull an enemy ship in front of the Goff, and then it's a powerful ramming (Since the Traktor modified the vecotr of the enemy ship) followed by a boarding action at +2 assault actions. You wouldn't be able to achieve the same damage output with two evil sunz ship. I know, it's hard to pull, but it's worth it.

P.s> offtopic, hypothetically speaking if I desert from my faction to yours having good info... Will I be rewarded accordingly? Tau society has a good witness protection?

Tau Society doesn't need witness protection. The whole Empire is protected, and as such, if you are part of it, the whole army has your back. Now about those intels...

Kor'o Elys'eir Sio'Are Kaith Kir'qath, initializing transmission with potential Tau'va integrators.

P.S.: Just want to point out that it's 45 games to get a level 10 ship, according to that table you posted. And I think it takes 35 wins (2 losses = 1 win) to get a rank 8 admiral (2 wins for rank 2, 3 for rank 3, and so on).

What do you mean 2 losses = 1 win?

Unlike Captain XP, Admiral XP is mitigated by victory or defeat. An admiral gains a set amount of XP if he emerges victorious, and only half that amount in case of a defeat.

Note that the number of ship destroyed/lost, as well as the level of the admiral, aren't influencing the XP gain. Every mission gives the same amount of XP if you're victorious, and the same amount of XP divided by 2 if you are defeated. You just need more XP to reach a higher admiral level the higher you go.


If a launch bay carrier launches fighters before a fight, how long will they stay to protect it? And is it intentional they are visible even in a gas cloud? (them fighters) giving the position away?

Another one is, if a mentioned carrier launches the fighters, they are staying near the mother ship (so not engaging targets) but if there is an enemy vessel in range of its flak "hugging" the carrier , will the enemy flak engage those fighters?

With regards, Commissar Drakki

Defensive Fighters squadrons stay forever with your ship, as long as they aren't destroyed, and do not have an ammunition capacity. They will stay near the ship, but if a valid target appear within 6.000 units of the ship, they will go to try to destroy it.

As for the visibility, it is a point we are discussing, but it brings a lot of complications to make them invisible in terms of gameplay. Be advised that we are thinking about this issue.

If another ship comes close enough to the carrier with defensive fighters, the Close Defence System turrets will indeed open fire on the fighters.

Reusing the skill will replace all lost fighters in the squadrons or launch new squadrons if the old ones were entirely destroyed. You cannot have more squadrons than you have launch bays.

You are welcome, barbarian Gue'la. I cannot understand your kind, killing your own soldiers when they disobey. Teach them to not disobey. Teach them to end their own lives if their honour is tainted. Teach them to be better than what they are. Teach them to join the Greater Good. We take care of Gue'vassas in the Tau Empire.


Q. What are all the effects of asteroid fields?

Lazy Gue'la... Press the Alt key and hover your mouse over the icon of an asteroid field, and you'll know.
Still here ? Fine... The effects of asteroid fields are :
1) Moving inside an asteroid field will slightly damage your ship as long as it moves. Frontal armour mitigate those damages. These damages can be denied with an upgrade.
2) If a ship in the asteroid field is targeted by enemy macro-weaponry, the accuracy of the enemy is reduced by 20.
3) If a ship stops all movement inside an asteroid field. it is considered furtive (Just as in gas clouds, it will disappear from long range scanners (the ship won't appear as a red dot) . Short range scanners (ship's detection zones) still detect them.).

Kor'o Elys'eir Sio'Are Kaith Kir'qath, Ready for duty !


MataCucasRAID2 wrote:
Sio'are wrote:

Still here ? Fine... The effects of asteroid fields are :

2) If a ship in the asteroid field is targeted by enemy macro-weaponry, the accuracy of the enemy is reduced by 20.

But... Orks dont have macro weapons... Gunz and Kannonz... due to the greenskins gutural language I don't know if any of them are included in that category... I was planning a strtategy of lances, bombs inside asteroid fields but now if there is no effect in greenskins bizarre weaponry...

Please be indulgent with this Shas'len'ra

As stated a bit lower, by Randuir, Macro-weaponry has different names depending on the faction. If they all named their weaponry in the same way, it would be too simple, wouldn't it ?

Chaos and Imperial Navy : Macro-[Insert a term here (Battery, Turret)]
Chaos : Missile Pods
Orks : Gunz and Kannonz, excepted the Zzap Kannon and the Shock-attack Mega Kannon.
Eldar : Starcannons.


How can i defend against the eldar god cannon(pulsar) in every 30 sec??
Can an asteroid field block it?
Can the voss pattern shield ignore it?

If neither, then how?

Eldars Pulsars are, for now, a bit powerful as they can be used from a too safe distance. But strategies to counter it do exist :

1) Don't be a target :
Make yourself as invisible as possible to force the eldars to come close. Running Silent and Gas Clouds, or even Asteroid fields with the upgrade denying their damages are useful stuff, as it will force them to come close to you to see you, and you'll be able to make them pay each pulsar blast. If you can dissimulate yourself and have an improved detection range to see them coming, the tactical advantage is yours to use.

2) Force the Eldar to make choices :
A well placed bomb, a Big Red Button right in front of him while he's placing to use the pulsar, Throw torpedoes at him, etc... and the Eldar player will have a choice to make. Dishing out damages, or retreat to a safer spot. Eldar fleets are all about control and perfection, just like Eldars themselves. Push them to make mistakes, and each mistake will be severly sanctionned, as long as you are a bit keen.

3) Defensive options:
A small enough ship (Most Escort ships) in broadside engagement with a full ahead will move quickly enough to avoid a pulsar on auto-attack, the player will have to micro manage his pulsars, and it is most likely to make him miss a few.

You can also take skills and upgrades to reduce the damage output of the pulsar, such as improved shields, the Voss Pattern Shield (which has 25% to deny a hit, pulsar included) the Shield overcharge, or the hasten shield reloading, upgrade and skill...

You can also fit smaller ships (most likely to be targeted by the Eldar player, as they represent lesser threats) with the Void shield transfer to use on your assaulted ship, or a well placed taunt will force the Eldar ship to turn toward its new target and/or move, making the pulsar miss its hits, or at least some of them.

Lastly, if your shields are down, the Brace for Impact special order gives you a 45% chance to deny a hull hit, Pulsars included.

3) Attack is the best defence:
Pulsars are weapons that come in small numbers on a ship (2-4 pulsars for Line ships). As such, set your priorisation on the weapons on Eldar ships, then it's all about assault actions, Master Gunner, and Lock-On to destroy their offensive capabilities before they can use it effectively.

You are free to combine those strategies, of course.


RedDevilCG wrote:
Sio'are wrote:
Lazy Gue'la... Press the Alt key and hover your mouse over the icon of an asteroid field, and you'll know.
Still here ? Fine... The effects of asteroid fields are :
1) Moving inside an asteroid field will slightly damage your ship as long as it moves. Frontal armour mitigate those damages. These damages can be denied with an upgrade.
2) If a ship in the asteroid field is targeted by enemy macro-weaponry, the accuracy of the enemy is reduced by 20.
3) If a ship stops all movement inside an asteroid field. it is considered furtive (Just as in gas clouds, it will disappear from long range scanners (the ship won't appear as a red dot) . Short range scanners (ship's detection zones) still detect them.).

Ah, yes my question was written in a lazy manner. I was looking for the damage calculation (more information on point 1), although I'm happy I asked because I wasn't aware of point 3.

The Damage output of an asteroid field is calculated as such :
Damages of the Asteroid field X ((100 - Frontal Armour) / 100)
For each second the ship moves inside the asteroid field (even slightly, even sideways)

Example :
A Dauntless Light Cruiser (75 frontal armour)
4 X ((100 - 75) /100)
4 X (25 /100)
4 X 0.25
The ship takes 1 hull damage per second of movement within the asteroid field. (An Eldar ship would take 3 damage/per second as they only have 25 armour.)


Why is it that some times when an ork ship rams or is rammed the ork ship or the one rammed by it commically spins and flips around

It is likely due to the physical engine we use. We do our best in order to reduce the frequency of this issue.


Does the emergency capcitor skill gives +150% regen shield of the base regen rate (2%) or the total shield regen rate (so 2% + the upgrade for increased regen shield + possible buffs)

The Emergency Capacitor skill gives its bonus to the total shield regeneration. So without upgrades, the skill will change your shield regeneration rate (2%) to becomes 5% per second. With the Auxiliary Shield Capacitor upgrade, your regeneration without the skill will be 3% and with it, 7.5%.
2 + 50% (upgrade) = 2 + 1 = 3
3 (upgrade) + 150% (skill) = 3 + 4.5 = 7.5

But as you might guess, this skill and this upgrade are the only two things capable of speeding up the regeneration rate. You can intervert their order of application, and it won't change the end value (The Upgrade being a passive, the equation above is technically more correct though).
2 + 150% (skill) = 2 + 3 = 5
5 (skill) + 50% (upgrade) = 5 + 2.5 = 7.5.


Sio're, you do not understand your mistake yet. But incorporating human element into your... organisation, you have effectively exposed yourselves to human weaknesses and to the corruption of chaos. I have been in the Gulf, I have fought alongside your fire caste on planets against the tyranid devouring onslaught, I have learned a lot about you. For now... we can turn our guns on mutual enemies. But make no mistake, if you let chaos inside your ranks there can be only one solution... Your wolrds will burn with the Emperor's wrath! :lol:

Your "emperor" doesn't frighten us, Gue'la, for we fight for what is right. As for our Gue'vassa, as I said, we take great care of them. The roots of your... "Chaos gods" influence, as you call it, can only grow where there is discontent. As happy and fully satisfied citizens of the Tau Empire, they cannot be corrupted. The fact that your own ranks are blighted with traitors and corrupted beings is the proof your empire is ill, badly leaded, and dying. It is still time to make the right choice and join the Greater Good, Commissar Drakki.


Does brace for impact work vs asteroid fields damage?

If so a dauntless would take 0,2 damage per second, suddenly not so dangerous to go through.

The additionnal armour given by the Brace for Impact ! special order is indeed counted to calculate the damage dealt by the Asteroid field. It makes them less dangerous indeed, and it is an effective way to force an enemy that already used its special order to give you some space, or follow you and take damages.


Hello, had an issue where I as a assassination defender couldn't warp out my flagship. My generators had been destroyed prior to the initial cooldown being finished. Is this supposed to happen? or did I just encounter an unfortunate bug?

If it is supposed to happen when the generator gets destroyed, does that happen in data recovery missions as well?

Your question is unclear, but I will do my best to answer.

A destroyed Generator do not suppress your Warp jump (or faction equivalent) capabilities (It does deactivate the micro-warp jump though), it only double the time needed to Warp out. As such, if your destroyed generator made your cooldown disappear and your skill button grey, it is a bug indeed. But if only a red icon appeared in the skill button, and the button was still usable at the end of its cooldown, it is not a bug. The icon is only used to warn the player that the Warp jump delay is doubled.


- Does the Augur Disruptor actually work against the AI? I've used it, followed by a silent running, and from what I could tell the enemy just kept shooting at me regardless even though I was out of their detection range now. Maybe I missed some special circumstances which made me still visible to them, though I'm not so sure that's potentially the case.

The enemy must have had a way to detect your ship. If it was against a seditious, maybe he had a widowmaker. If not, he could have used a skill. As of now, AI is affected by the rules of the game. Hence, if your ships are hidden, it cannot fire on them with standard weaponry.


- I've had an enemy carrier launch an assault craft squadron at me. They vanished in mid air when the mother ship decided to warp out due to damage sustained. However, after a few seconds one of my ships still took assault craft hits which even destroyed one of my weapons. Is this supposed to be the case? Are the ordnance squadrons still supposed to attack you even though they've visually vanished? And do turrets still make an attempt to stop them? Or is this bugged?

That is one strange bug. Because it is a bug indeed. After concertation with the Tech-Priests of the degenerating Imperium, I have been told that under normal circumstances, without the warp breaking the universal laws of our universe, the ordnances should have exploded midflight. The other possibility would have been that something else happened. A lucky Macro-Weapon hit, perhaps ?


I just want to be clear on if I'm understanding fighter vs bomber wing interceptions.
Bomber wing gets within 6k of target, defensive fighter wing aggros them.
Once the fighters and bombers hit the 1250m mark from each other, the fighters (simultaneously?) Shoot at the opposing squad.
Hits are applied, saves are taken, and then strike craft from both squadron are simultaneously destroyed.
Bomber wing survivors then continues towards target ship.
Meaning that the escort fighters don't serve any purpose aside from maybe taking hits for the bombers, and weakening the opposing fighter group for successive waves?
Or do the defensive fighters get to "shoot first" in order to actually mitigate the incoming damage?

It's been too long since I had a question on ordnances. *Heavy sigh*
Do not worry, this is a joke, I am happy to bring light and knowledge to future Gue'vassas !
Let's look at that ! Well, Gue'la, first and foremost, the Interception radius of a Squadron is way smaller than 1.250 units. It is, if I recall correctly, 600 units approximately (In details, it is the size of the Squadron sphere, an invisible object that englobes the whole squadron).

Then, the hits and saves are simultaneously calculated. Defensive fighters do mitigate offensive capacities most of the time as there is 2 times more fighters in a Defensive squadron than in a bomber wing. If Defensive Fighters attacked first, there would be no, or little, losses in the Defensive squadron, which would make them a nearly perfect shield against ordnances. And they are already pretty damn good, is you ask me (Which is why your balancing idea, although really interesting to differenciate even more each faction, is not likely to happen).


How exactly is Fleet Upkeep calculated? It appears to go through the roof when I do well and take few losses, and it's minimal when I get crushed.

Fleet Upkeep is a loss of renown calculated at the end of each game. It is used as a fine tunning mechanic to mitigate heavy losses and winning streaks (Especially in late game). The rules of Fleet Upkeep is :

For each ship in perfect condition in your fleet (Brought to battle or not), a percentage of your gains is cut for maintenance of said ships. Heavily damaged, Destroyed and Lost in Warp ships do not raise fleet upkeep. The percentages are :
-1% for each light cruiser.
-2% for each cruiser.
-3% for each battle cruiser.
-4% for each battleship.

Hence, if you've been crushed, you'll have less ships taken into account for the fleet upkeep.


Would it be reasonable to say that torpedos with the short burn torpedo upgrade have less spread than standard speed torpedos ? Or do they travel along the same spread lines but just faster?

Secondly becuase short burn topedos are traveling faster does that technically mean that an enemy ship has less time to destroy them with aa fire or only less time to dodge them? Just wondering if faster torp speed has any implications on the aa turret rolls

Ah, Bludfist. I will be happy to answer your interrogations, Be'gel.

- Torpedoes with short burn torpedo upgrade do not have narrower spread. They follow the same lines, but faster. Of course, with their improved speed, they reach a given spread quicker than normal torpedoes, which makes them easier to hit at mid range, which could give the impression of a reduced spread (As more well aimed torpedoes will hit, partly because of the second answer).

- It does not affect the Close Defence System. Each torpedo under 1.250 units of a ship take a test, and is instantaneously destroyed after if the test is failed. It is though, harder to avoid them at mid range: The Imperium player is used to them, and can aim correctly with them but the defensive player might not be used to them and estimate incorrectly the manoeuvring needed to avoid them. It is also harder to place smaller ships in interception position.


Does Wraithbone Shielding still get reduced by Armor-Piercing from direct fire weapons and torpedoes?

It is still reduced. The only bonus Armour that bypass armour-piercing is the bonus got from the Brace for Impact ! special order.


1. Could you please give the exact math behind the Lock on, Brace, Recharge and Emergency repairs? - the time they are active and what mechanical effect each one does exactly? It would be nice to have a tooltip somewhere that could allow access to this informatino in port that would change with the relevant upgrades. Without it, it's difficult to judge the effectiveness of upgrades.

Your enthousiasm is appreciated, Gue'vassa Papa Bear.
You can have access to such informations in the Docks. Select a ship, go into the stat pannel, and look at the "Orders" Window on the bottom right of the screen. Do you still need the numbers ?


2. What do Servitors/Slaves etc. exactly impact? The tooltip says they impact skills. So, it's clear anything from the "Skills" tab is included. I've seen by the changing tooltip they also affect torpedos. Do they affect Special Orders? Do they affect Emergency Repairs? Do they affect boardings? Do they affect Ordnance Launch Bays? Do they affect warp-out?

Servitors affect all skills, which include all capacities that have a button in the GUI, and works with a cooldown. So Technical Skills, of course (the ones you fit on the ship), but also Ordnances, Special Orders, Warp-out, Lightning Strike, Boarding Action, and even the Eldar Wraithbone Shift (Their dash). It doesn't affect the Special Manoeuvers of other factions though (As they work on a Combustion Gauge and not on a Cooldown).


I hope this has been enlightening, as always, and I thank you for your support once again !

Did you know how is called the amount of kinetic energy created by the translation of an object in equations in the Tau Empire ? It is called Vespid !

Yes, I am a funny Tau Admiral. Quite rare. I'm thinking about making a thread with all my Tau jokes. But it might probably dissuade more people to join the Tau'va rather than convince them to the greater good... Hahaha !

I hope the answers where, once again, usefull !

Kor'o Elys'eir Sio'Are Kaith Kir'qath, End Transmission.
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Re: Codex Answers Compiled

Postby RedDevilCG » 13 May 2016, 19:24


Ok so then just to clarify about defensive fighter screens, the fighters going around attacking torpedos is also just "visual effects" much like the closed defense turrets firing? So does having defensive fighters just add another "check"?

I ask because people have been telling others on the steam forums that the way to "beat" defensive fighter screens is to first fire a wave of torpedos near but off target of the enemy ship to pull or lure the enemy fighters away from the ship to making it easier for subsequent salvos from enemy ships to reach the target.

If the fighters are indeed also visual effects that add additional defensive checks then clarification will help stop this ineffective strategy

The Fighters aren't just a visual effect. They have a tracking range of 6.000 units around their carriers, but need to travel to their targets up to 600 units or less to do their work. Given that, your strategy is effective, since the traveling time can be used to "negate" the defensive fighters effect by luring them afar from the ship. The "Blue sushi" has spoken.


If I take the favor of Tzeentch on one of my chaos ships, is its cloud ability affected by the running silent cooldown upgrade?
Thanks in advance!

Wind of change is indeed affected by the Camo upgrade. Have fun in the clouds of the Holder of Secrets !


Sio''are, concernig the matter of the reduced cool-downs when using servitors I would like to report the following matters:

I) The tooltip of lightning strike and boarding actions does not show the correct cooldown (the reduced one) how ever the ability still has the shorter cooldown.

II) Emergency repairs both cooldown and tooltip seem to be unaffected by the reduced cooldowns from servitors.

Indeed, Drakki, we are aware of that and are working on it (Ordnance tooltips too aren't updated, if you missed it).

I can confirm it was no other source of damage. The enemy ship was the only remaining hostile entity on the map (or indeed any entity aside from my own ships) and when my weapon was damaged I was informed by a little pop up which said "Assault boarding successful" or whatever it's exactly called. So the damage source must have been the Assault boat squadron. Additional info which might help is that I was at about 3k distance. The game was running in Tactical Cogitator mode. Their ship was a Mars Battlecruiser. Mine was a Tyrant Cruiser. I had already destroyed one of their hangars so only one squardon was deployed. The squadron vanished whilst still playing their "launching from ship" animation but was near the end of it. The weapon they destroyed was, I think, a plasma broadside. I hope the techpriests can figure this one out. Please contact me if I can supply more information.

Also once again thank you for answering my questions Sio'are! I'll have to give the Augur Disruptor another shot.

Thank you for your feedback, I'll send it to the tech-priests and the Earth Cast engineers for further research. But remember the reason of this thread, and if further informations are to be provided, do not hesitate to send me a private message instead.

You are welcome, my answers are one of the way I have to let you know we care about you ;) Augur Disruptor is difficult to use, but incredibly powerful, especially against players that can be mind tricked and tend to prefers offensive skills over Recon. Make the fools pay for their lack of tactical skills !


- The threat bars in the campaign fill up when certain factions conduct their business on your worlds. I understand that the fuller the bar, the more activity is spawned from the relevant faction. But what happens when the bar reaches full? Does it simply cap the amount of activity? Or does something else happen? I'm not asking for exact % amounts of increased enemy spawns though. I'm fine with it being somewhat ambiguous. A hidden threat is more interesting than a known one.

The Threat bars only act as a cap for the Threats' activity. There is, sadly, no "special effect".


1. What is the exact effect of the Hull Breach critical effect?

The Hull Breach Critical damage is just a strait damage of 50 points to the enemy hull. It is usefull to Assault Action oriented fleets to heavily damage ships and gain more renown.


2. Do fighters follow the same rules as turrets only shooting ordnance once until they leave their range? Assuming so, is this the 6000 range that they will engage ordnance at or the 600 range that they actual shoot down ordnance at.

Fighters act similarily to the Close Defence System once at range.
1) A target within 6.000 units is detected.
2) The Defensive squadrons fly to the target.
3) Each Fighters (usually) deal 2 attacks to the target (For a total of 12 attacks for a full squadron).
4) Once the attacks are dealt, they return near the carrier or fly to the next target.

It is possible, but highly unlikely (as fighters have the same speed than other ordnances and torpedoes), that a same Fighter squadron deals its attacks two times on the same targets if its travels make it go twice in range of the target.

A little precision to avoid future questions : In case of mutliple defensive squadrons and multiple targets :
1) All squadrons go to the first detected target. A squadron is set as the primary attacker.
2) Once a second target is detected, only one squadron that isn't a primary attacker is set as the primary attacker and dispatched to this target.
3) All other squadrons still target the first target.
4) And so on for each new target detected until all squadrons are set as primary attackers.


3. Solar sails mention that every destroyed sail reduces the effectiveness of holofields by 10 points (I assume 10%). From this it follows that larger ships with 4 sails can have their holofields reduced further than the smaller ships with 2 sails, is this correct?

Indeed, bigger ships can end up with weaker holofields.


In the same line as how the Imperial macro's having 4 shots, each with the profile shown in the hot tip, how many shots do chaos macro-batteries on the slaughter, carnage, or the despoiler have in actuality?

Slaughter : 4 per battery (only taking into account the Macro-weapons, the lances give 2 more attacks to the battery)
Carnage and Despoiler : 8 per battery


After the newest patch, which BTW did a good job on fixing the UI and cool-downs on ordnance etc. etc, the cool-down on emergency repairs ability still stays stubbornly the same despite me sending all free servitors on board to patch deck number 19 which just took an torpedo hit .
The conundrum is, if it is intentional exclusion for this ability and it will stay unaffected or will this be subject to change in the future.

It is a mistake from our end, and a next patch will allow Servitors and faction equivalents to affect the Emergency Repair.


How many shots do Ork Bommas get when they intercept ordnance en route to their target/against defensive fighters?

Fighta bommas each have 2 attacks, which make them quite efficient in interception through a bombing run (As there is 6 Fighter-Bombers, they make 12 attacks instead of 6 for other bomber runs, which only have 3 fighters. (But Fighta-Bommas are worst bombers than others, dealing at max 60 hull damage, and taking losses easily, while other bombers deal 90 max hull damage, with less chances of damage reduction due to fighters that can take hits for them.))


I think Lotsa Gunz get eight shots base as well.

Indeed, 8 attacks at first, but the "Gunz" attribute make them fire randomly from 4 to 12 shots per battery.


I've noticed Emergency Repairs gets disabled in some instances as well, but I can't really tell when anymore. I thought it might be from Hull Breach, which was not the case, and then I thought it was from hitting 15% HP. But I've seen escorts that were heavily damaged, symbol and all, repair themselves, and have done it in the campaign. Is this just because Escorts don't lose the use of abilities because they don't have systems in the way Line Ships do?

Emergency Repairs are affected to the hull and as such, becomes unavailable if the ship is Heavily Damaged ( <= 15% hull).

Escort can use the skill even if it is heavily damaged, but this is a mistake that will be modified in a next patch.


Is the Gameplay for Eldar really just rely on Pulsars cause the Rest of their Arsenal is not even existent?
Is the Gameplay for Eldar really to be limited in the Ship Classes so Pulsar's which you will nerf are the only existent damage weapon which even needs skill to use?
Is the Gameplay from this Game really to adress cry's about a weapon from Beta which was indirekt nerfed to many other nerfs to Eldar?
Is an Dev even playing this Game in Multiplayer as Eldar?
Did a Dev every waited the 20mins+ for an MP Game as Any Race cause the Game seems MP wise nearly extinct at the moment, maybe cause Eldar Pulsared them all? Oh Wait no, maybe cause people don't like bad balancing overall and forced to play 1-2 styles per race :P

Although this is evidently either a troll, or a really whiny player, the politics of this thread is to answer to anyone. So here goes, in Order:

1) I myself trained a multiplayer Eldar fleet to level 8 without using Pulsars. Their weaponry aside Pulsar is really good. Sure, Eldar Pulsar is a cheesy strategy due to their poor risk/reward ratio, but try for yourself to play without them (Which means mainly Shadow Cruisers and Solaris Light Cruisers) and see for yourself, as they have the best Torpedoes and Ordnances. Oh, and the starcannons do wonders on ships' shields and litterally cut in half other Eldar fleets. The pro-tip is free. (And also, dig a bit on this thread, I gave some advices to deal against Eldar Plusars, in uncheesy manners such as turtling or mass Nova). Additionnaly, We are researching ways to nerf Pulsars without making them unattractive.

2) It IS gameplay, actually. The Tabletop game one. As fans of the Warhammer 40k universe, we kept as much as possible the same Ship List for each factions. Eldar Corsairs do not have many ships, it is what it is.

3) I genuinely did not understood what you were trying to say here.

4) As stated above, yes, Devs do play Eldar multiplayer fleets. I did, as well as several others.

5) Funny, given that I find a game in less than 15 seconds when I play in multiplayer. You should consider playing at hours were players can connect (Shortly after the end of work hours for example).

I hope this has been enlightening.


Much appreciated rolepgeek, I have another question, why are chaos flight decks angled downwards instead of just sticking out to the side? I know it's just their design but there really doesn't seem to be any reason for it

It's design-wise indeed. I guess the Gue'la that designed them tried not to make them look too flat. If you want a lore/logical reason... I do not have one better than Rolepgeek's.


Does squadron sergeant crew bonus also applies to the fighter sqaudron summoned with darkstar skill?

Yes it does !


Are all bonus cumulatives or multiplicatives? For example a saim hann with the +50% damages against shields deals (Base + 0.5 x base + 0.5 x base) or (base + 0.5 x base) x 1.5 ?

It is multiplicative. The way most percentage bonuses are calculated is Base x 1.5 x 1.5 (in case of two bonuses indicating "+50%" or "150%")


I have noticed that after launching fighters, and them fighting off enemy ordinances they will have reduces numbers but when I launch a new wave, 2,4 wings, I don't get new wins. It's still the same old depleted wing of fighters.

Am I missing something? Is it a bug? Is it working as intended and all must be gone from the first wave for the second to show up?

It isn't a bug. For performance reasons, if you are a Client in a multiplayer battle, the # of ships in an ordnance squadron isn't always fully shown. It's a problem we are working on, but it is only visual. Your squadrons are fully functionnal and deal the same amount of damage as if it was full (It's just a bit uneasy as a feedback to know where they are in terms of Health.)


- What are the different ways to permanently lose (Skull icon) a planet? Is it only story occurrences, Exterminatus and the Planet Killer? Or are there other ways?

- I had a planet held by the seditious faction. There was no exterminatus counter or anything else special about it aside from it being occupied. When I ended the turn, there was no story element shown whatsoever, yet the planet suddenly had turned into a dead planet. No warning, no nothing. Is this part of an unexplained mechanic?

- In the fight against the first Blackstone Fortress, at Lukitar, I obtained great success. It was a solid victory with Vandez and the Space Station surviving with little damage on either. When I returned to the campaign map Lukitar was now a dead planet with a skull mark. No indication of this was given anywhere in the post combat dialogue. Is this part of the scripted battle?

The only things able to kill a planet are some Story Missions, including Lukitar (It is hinted through the dialogues before and after the battle), and the Exterminatus. For your other problem, it seems like a bug or a missed Exterminatus (I know you are sure it isn't, but it is still to consider.) I'll see if and how it could be possible. Feel free to PM me additionnal details on the bug.


The bomber tooltip after the latest patch looks like it took a dominator broadside and the numbers are kind of strange (, which leads to another thing. In a multiplayer game I had to call down bombers 3 times from 2 launch bays to kill an Cobra destroyer with no turret/health upgrade (although he did use emergency repairs). There was nothing hostile on the way of the atack craft because it was the only thing left on the map [He was cheesing after we crushed them] The math does not add up at all, as before it usually got blown up by one, two bombing runs if the Dice god hated me. Sorry for bothering you with this but could u ask thechpriests if the Derpy Tooltip is the only thing with numbers screwed up or did the numbers went derp for the bombers damages too? In theory they could do max damage of 180 per bombing run, so you should have seen my baffled face when the cobra continued to fly. I am 100% sure it had only 100 hp, it had only 3 turrets and that I had 2 launch bays, I am not a newbie :P

Edit: After some more games with a friend, I really noticed something is off with the IN bombers o___0 Could you please check that out ;o

I already did ask them to check it out. We'll see if something is broken, and for the tooltips, are you refering to the {X} (Where X = Any number) ? It will be fixed.
As for that Cobra Destroyer, Bombers do reduce Armour to 25% when they attack, not 0% so statistically, while improbable, you could have just rolled your hits and nothing passed through the armour. And the Cobra has defensive turrets that could have reduced your number of bombers. I am quite fond of the Extra Turret upgrades on Cobra Destroyers, since they make cheap interception vessels.

Anyway, while we research if something doesn't add up correctly, if anything, you should be proud of Imperial designs able to sustain heavy bombardment without flinching, Gue'la.


Regarding the whole discussion between Rolepgeek and Commissar Drakki

You are both right actually :

Orks Skwadrons do have more regular, mitigated damage, as for the same number of crafts hits, their damages are on average less randomly reduced (strange for Orks, I know) than others. Think of the Ork skwadrons as an average DPS higher than others, but Maximum DPS lower. Also, due to reduced maximum damage, to be nearly as efficient as other factions, Orks have to commit a ship to a Carrier Role, lacking other weapons. which reduces their usefullness in various situations.

You also missed a critical factor on carriers Bombers: It is a targeted ability. As such, it requires the target to be identified, one of the weak point of the orks : It is easy to get out of their detection zone, Their deck is a primary target on their ships most of the time (Sweet, sweet insubordination) which divide by 2 their detection zone and contrary to other factions, they canno't go back to Blips (unless you take a favour). Which reduces their global efficiency against carriers AND as carriers. It doesn't mean they are useless though, as you pointed, Orks Skwadrons have interesting use in both active defence and attack.

(Also, to answer your interrogation, A single craft can take multiple hits in one strike, even if he saved one.)


Why lances on imperial ships suck badly enough, so Lunar, Gothic and Firestorm are half or totally useless ships, when they supposed to be heavy (but slow) hitters?

This includes all the discussion that ensued.

First of all, gentlemen, It is only in the Warhammer 40k universe that "there is only war". There is no need to be offended or to escalate any conflict, or I swear, your God Emperor, Gork and Mork, Ruinous Powers or Dead Gods of the Eldar Pantheon be witness, The Greater Good will strike the most turbulent elements down. Thank you.

(As per the "right" of this question to be here, it is indeed a balancing question, but it doesn't make it off-place here. I answer to anyone as long as it is not technical or pure whinning.)

So, as for the Imperium Lances, you are mistaken :
I can assure you that comparing the same Weaponry from IN and Chaos, IN has Lances just as good as chaos, but to fit a different purpose. They just have less range, less attacks and slower Rate of Fire most of the time, since Chaos Territory is Long Range weaponry. IN have less ships fitted with Lances too.

Do not get me wrong, Chaos dish out more damages with lances due to distance, but each attack taken individually, IN is just as good. Let's take the basic Lance Battery :

IN : 6.000 range; 2 Attacks; 12 seconds reload; 12 Damages.
Chaos : 12.000 range; 4 Attacks; 8 seconds reload; 4 Damages.

So yeah, a single attack, with their firing rate, would end up with :

IN : 24 damages in 24 seconds
Chaos : 12 damages in 24 seconds.

Time their number of attacks :

24 x 2 = 48 for IN
12 x 4 = 48 for Chaos.

See ? Same damage. You'll just use them differently. Chaos will fire from afar, potentially making more damage. IN will brawl with it to cause damages through thick hull.


I have a question about weapon crit chances. We had a discussion in the Chaos Forum about the Overload Generator upgrade and lance crit chances and developed a formula to forecast crit rates over a given time (a special order duration). While this formula seemed to work for macro weapons, it failed when it came to lances, the values were much too high. According to the formula, macros and lances should have similar crit rates, because lances always hit, but have lower rate of fire (Chaos) or lower crit chance (Imperium). From our battlefield experience and isolated test runs we know that macros seem to crit much more often than lances. Is this impression deceiving or is there a difference in the critical hit calculation for macro weapons and lances?

Looks like someone is playing the Farseer ! I'll have to see this formula. PM me if you want.

No difference between Lances and Macro-weapons calculations, but Lances have advantages over Macro-Weaponry : Namely, range, accuracy and Armour-piercing. Of course, at close range, and even more with the Piercing rounds, Macro-weapons can cause critical damages more efficiently, due to the number of projectiles.

Be aware if you tested your calculations against Eldars, They have a Trait that make them weaker against weapon-sourced critical damages.


Q: Regarding buff's and Enhancements on ship and weapons

I find that its REALLY hard for a newb in this game, to really get a clear picture of my ships capabilities after skills.
The "buff' skills chosen on a ship does not change the original number on the ship.

upgraded my mrk2 to have +3 k range on macrogunz.... but wen i look at the ship the gun tooltip still says 6k range.
wich makes it alot harder to figure out excatly what is what. Same goes with shield upgrades.

I'll assume you're talking about upgrades here and not skills. It is strange. Our Tooltips and stats are supposed to modify to fit the upgrade set on it.are you sure your game is up to date and all ? If yes, you can still send me a screenshot of the problem via MP.


Hello great Sage. Tau spies have managed to steal the plans for Chaos battleships, however the Earth caste projections of speed are wrong! Can you explain why the engine power of the Chaos Retribution Battleship is lower than its schematics show?

(In tabletop the Retribution has the same speed as most Chaos cruisers yet in game here it's much slower. Why is this? If it's a balance issue, couldn't points just be adjusted to keep this unique flavour of Chaos?)

I am sorry, RedDevilCG, but the Retribution is a Battleship from the Imperial Navy Fleet. You must talk about the Desolator. It is a Game Design decision indeed both in terms of balance and of feelings. We wanted Battleships to feel powerful, like flying fortresses. In addition, both Chaos Battleships are quite fast for Battleships, only on par with the Imperial Navy Retribution Battleship, and only outspeeded by the Void Stalker.


Greetings, young alien.

My pursuit for knowledge has brought me here to this great thread, Tzeentch approves of your understanding of the game although your part in his plan is unknown to me.

Now I'd like to clarify something, namely what is the warp cancelling mechanics? At first I thought warp jump is cancelled when successful assault strike on the generator is performed. Or there appears an additional critical spot when warping out, that can be attacked.

However, I had one situation when I waited out the last enemy ship until it starts warping out, and threw battleship boarding action and two lightnings (one triple) at him. They succeeded... partially. I did destroy some weapons, a deck and a generator, however the warp jump did not get cancelled and mfk escaped. I'm more than certain that generator was intact before my cancelling attempt, so I was pretty confused.

Thank you in advance.

Greetings, Sorcerer. Your God of knowledge seems rather picky on which to divulgate to its followers. Serve a Greater Cause, a Greater Good. As a token of faith, I will share what your "God" hides from you.

When a ship activates a Warp Jump, it is possible to cancel said Warp Jump by performing a successful Assault Action on it. The Assault Action, RATHER than destroying a subsystem or cause a lighter critical damage, will cancel the Warp Jump and reset its cooldown at 30 seconds.

But an insubordinated ship's Warp Jump cannot be canceled. Ask your god why. Maybe the coward's luck, or the cornered soldiers would die before letting you access to the Warp Drive. Whatever the reasons, the Assault Actions dealt to a fleeing insubordinated ship will destroy the subsystems as they are supposed to. While you cannot cancel their jump, it will help you ensure victory and you can dish out damages to try to Heavily damage the ship even more.


As of now, the Desolator is a little bit shorter in terms of broadside DPS against a sole target, due to a bug lowering the Missile Pods DPS (other than the light version). This bug will be removed on the next patch, and will give the Desolator just as much Firepower broadside against one target as the Acheron, while being more tanky, and firing from further with the Macro-Weapons. It'll still have a Better Max DPS overall, and will be better against two ships on each side, and against a ship ahead, due to the Torpedoes giving by itself +8 DPS.


I have been watching a clip of mine a lot and am still not sure about what happened to the third ship. ... ?from=user

Do you have any idea why the third Eldar ship lost all of its hp?

As others said, your ships went under the Plasma Engine Surge event, causing a huge explosion that deals damages all around (Exactly it deals (Max Hull points /2) damages in a 2.500 radius for now). Up until now, nothing explained when it was happening except for the visual feedback. It'll change with the next Patch.


So I'm not sure if this has been asked but what is the exact relationship between ship macro stat accurcy and a projectile hitting the target? Mainly I'm intrested in 0% accuracy shots

Becuase I've seen ork mega kannonz with upgraded with 3000 range still manage to hit targets at 6k, so even with 0% accurcy you can still hit targets?

I've seen this happen more vs large ships like battleships, so does the ships "hitbox" size also play a factor?

As stated by a player a bit further, the macro-weapons projectiles are physicalized, which means they have their own hitbox. Just like explained earlier, Macro-weapons accuracy is tightly linked to the physics of the game (The part where I explained a "good shot" could be dodged anyway given enough speed or distance and the accuracy board was just a correct estimation of the chances on a static target).

The opposite is also true : A missed shot, if the enemy is moving, can still collide with it and cause damages. As such, a missed shot can absolutely miss its primary target and still reach another target behind.

And finally, a low chance projectile can still collide while being at +/- 0% accuracy giving it in fact, a bit better accuracy than that if the target moves. Of course, the bigger the target, the higher the chance for your onboard computers and Master Gunner to misscalculate the chances, admiral.


chaos missile launcher projectiles (as useless as they are) sometimes lock on their target and alter their path. Is it pre-determined when they're fired whether they lock on or not, or do they lock on if they fly close enough to their intended target?

Due to Gameplay balance difficulties, we fitted Chaos ships with Missile Pods (Which are fluff, I recall : Macro-weapons are technically an assortiment of various weaponries depending on the model, and world of construction, etc...). Missile Pods projectiles are then homing. Unlike other Macro-weapons, if the game calculated a "hit", the projectile will track the target and hit it. If it calculated a miss, it will not lock on target and fly past it. In terms of gameplay, it is a really tiny advantage over classic macro-weapons : A hit is assured, impossible to dodge, and a miss can still land on another ship.


On to another question. Is there such a thing as friendly fire for Macro cannons?

There isn't any Friendly Fire in the game, except for Ramming, Torpedoes, Plasma Bombs, Plasma Engine Surge, and Nova (C/K)annon.
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Re: Codex Answers Compiled

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Re: Codex Answers Compiled

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This is an awesome post dude! Thanks.

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Re: Codex Answers Compiled

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Thank you for your efforts - it's the only reason I actually read all of that >.>

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Thanks all. I'll keep updating as needed.

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Re: Codex Answers Compiled

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Thanks for this. Much quicker than combing through 15 pages.

One minor detail. Could I persuade you to cut the fluff parts out? Just to shorten the post.

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Re: Codex Answers Compiled

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I actually really like the fluff, and obviously developer Sio'are put some thought into it and is actually a fan of the WH40K universe, so I'd feel bad to strip him out of the answers. Also, some of his answers and clarifications are actually in the fluff so we'd end up losing some important information.
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Oh I love his answers, I would never complain about how he dos the posts. It was merely a suggestion to make the posts more compressed. If you don't want to, then don't, you're the one doing this so its your call

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