bingo canada games - how to play gambler

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bingo canada games - how to play gambler

Postby Arthurlek » 05 November 2019, 11:39

Hey there

Here at, the one thing our Halifax-based experienced evaluation panel gets asked most of all is almost certainly: “What is the best online casino for Canadian gamblers?”

As part of our researches, we’ve created a list of sites ranked by their features – including those specific to the experience of Canadians – and make sure it’s constantly refreshed. These include factors like the availability of zero cost support numbers, big welcome bonuses, free slots spins, no-strings payouts and Canada-specific banking choices.

Plus, we also look into promos, top prizes and the range of apps on the best online casinos to ensure you enjoy a satisfying visit.

To ensure your safety and enjoyment, we keep a blacklist of casino sites that do not measure up to our exacting selection standards. Sites which fail the tests for security, software quality, user-support, banking and reliability will end up on our “naughty list”. There are even some household names on there too.


For example, here are just 3 of the worst sites from our “list of shame” which we recommend you should give a miss.

From Alberta to Yukon, we all know Canada is the best country on earth. But it’s also among the best places to reside if you’re a gamer, and not just because of our country’s plentiful choice of quality online gaming sites – each with their own unrivalled range of apps providing to its citizens.

Many of these, including slots, internet poker and blackjack have even attracted a dedicated following as well as communities of Canada-based fans that like to play and discuss the game online.

It’s probably no surprise that Canadians also love betting on sports, especially the NHL, and anything hockey related such as Intercontinental tournaments, and the CFL.

Another favourite target foronline-gamers is playing the official state-run online lottery games!

What’s you own experience of online-gaming sites? We’re happy to get your opinion to allow us to improve our selection criteria. For more information just click the link above.
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