Fully customizable colours / Fleet painter

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Fully customizable colours / Fleet painter

Postby Schweineschnute » 05 May 2017, 09:35

It's pretty self explanatory, but I haven't seen a recent suggestion topic for it. GW games thrive on being able to create your own armies and/or fleets and a lot of us put considerable time and effort as well as passion into creating our own banners/insignia and colour schemes. So far, we are able to play our own armies/factions in all of the really good GW PC games.

What BG:A needs is the ability to use your own colours and faction names and ideally also a custom badge. Worries about "outlandish" fleets that ruin immersion is, in my opinion, unreasonable since most colours already exist in canon anyway - a common "fear" of people are purple fleets. Look up the "Emperor's Children" chapter, please. All colours are canon. The custom badges might lead to more problems, however Relic's titles allow it and never has anything bad happened, inappropriate badges could be reported and dealt with or you could add a clientside toggle to disable badges.

But badges are essential. If you take a look at the Tau for example, you included a few septs to choose from - yet their badge never changes. Sa'Cea doesn't use the Tau default insignia, neither does the Farsight Enclave. Please understand that this is very important for quite a few players ;)

I'm looking forward to hear your plans and opinions on the matter :mrgreen:

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Re: Fully customizable colours / Fleet painter

Postby Romeo » 05 May 2017, 16:46

For me, the bigger issue would be with making ships that are camouflaged in to the background, and having ships that are so jarring to look at it's hard to make out what they are at a glance.

That said, I ain't opposed to the idea (Especially for singleplayer).

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