Mouse Countrols (Request)

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Mouse Countrols (Request)

Postby Dag » 04 May 2017, 00:40

Hello everyone!
I am new to this game and the board, but I have a very important suggestion / request that I think will be very helpful for this game.
I love playing games with a mouse, but only if the controls are right.

My recommendation is - allow players to choose how the mouse works by allowing each button to do multiple things.

My preference!

Left Button - Click Select
Middle Button (mouse wheel) - Zoom in/out
Right Button - Click to move / Hold down to pan camera around

Now with the current game settings, there is no way for me to assign the following controls to the right mouse button to 'Click to Move' and 'Hold down to pan camera around'. That is a very big game changer for me as I have no middle button and it's very frustrating.

Please add the following option to the game if you can, as it will be very helpful for me and I'm sure others to have this kind of options.

Thank you very much!

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