We need mods!

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Khorne on the Kob
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We need mods!

Postby Khorne on the Kob » 28 April 2017, 01:41

Not going to spend much time on this, as it's quite self explanatory. You look at games like Total Warhammer, Space engineers, and especially Arma 3(they have a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mod for Christ's sake, that's amazing), mods can really make a game a million times more popular. Think of Warcraft 3, though I'm anticipating mods in the form as Total Warhammer mods, people will improve your game for free, and can get you a lot of new players. Just consider it as I want the game to do well, and with a modding community it can achieve greatness.

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Re: We need mods!

Postby Romeo » 28 April 2017, 17:28

I doubt we'll get one this late, but I agree so much with this statement. I'm still playing New Vegas, Dawn of War: Soulstorm and Morrowind, because they still feel fresh with the sheer amount of "stuff" the community comes up with. Modding for this game would be incredible.

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