Single Player Campaign, best fleet?

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Single Player Campaign, best fleet?

Postby BanjoJohn » 07 April 2017, 23:37

Simple question, as much as I've played single player PVE I haven't really gotten through the campaign yet. I was wondering if there is anything in general that makes up a 'best' imperial fleet to build for the campaign, or if there was anything that you should avoid taking to keep it from being the 'worst' fleet for the campaign.

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Re: Single Player Campaign, best fleet?

Postby Ashardalon » 08 April 2017, 08:52

AI is bad vs torps so torp fleets are a lot better then nova fleets in pve
i use dictators (i think they are called (torp+bomber cruisers))
with torps and ramming spikes and with fighters to protect they are awesome
highly focused on direct hull damage so i suggest some other ships for data recovery
but lance dauntlesses are good for those
in pve navy crashes are also a lot more rare so its a amazing favor and the ai is better at piloting imp ships then it is with marines so getting the price down will also be a lot easier

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Re: Single Player Campaign, best fleet?

Postby Hallbregg » 10 April 2017, 13:49

Torp fleets are indeed the way to go: retributions, overlord, tyrants are the ships I used the most on my run on Heroic. For upg go for cogitators, AP amo and fast torps, the rest is up to you. I also noted that the AI tends to target your engines a lot, so belt armor seems good too. Also all the "boss ships" are big torps magnets.

Also note you have infinite tag cog in sp, so you can always perfectly aim your torps. Remember that IN ships have two broadsides with fairly long cooldowns so 180* turns can be pretty good!

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