Imperial Lance/Swarm hybrid fleet (Veritatem Imperialis Mod)

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Imperial Lance/Swarm hybrid fleet (Veritatem Imperialis Mod)

Postby CALiGeR190 » 03 July 2016, 18:43

So, been playing the sh*t out of this new mod and I figured I'd share my first fleet build for fellow mod users (as well as shameless advertisements, I'd love to do some MP with the Mod but way too few people are playing it...).

So the fleet build is two-fold: half of it is a lance fleet, the other half is dedicated to swarm tactics.


The first half: the 'lance fleet' of double Mercury and a Victory battleship. any left over points I spend on Firestorms.
The potency of this combo cant be overstated. The Neutronium shells the Nova cannons can fire have no dispersion and can do 900 flat damage, ignoring armour, between them. Enough to one-shot any CL or a Strike cruiser from full shields and hp. It is balanced by it having a 2 minute reload (previously took 50 seconds to reload a Nova Cannon) and no AOE (about half to AOE of a plasma bomb to be exact, you get 3 seconds to leave that very small area with your combustion gage or a simple manoeuvre to the left or right)... so it's much easier to dodge if you aren't as stupid as the AI, although moving in straight lines at the same speed is suicide when faced with these things.

Also the number of long range lance shots you can fire is frankly crazy considering this isn't chaos, and they do considerably more damage than any Chaos lance.
You get (adding up the broadside firepower of the three ships) 29 12 damage lance shots with a base range of 12K for a total Damage Per Salvo of 348! Basically one broadside from the three of them will shave half the hp of any CL, almost one-shot any platform or escorts (in fact it doesn't one shot a lot of escorts if there are no upgrades, but they are always upgraded).
This isn't quite as OP as it sounds though: 192 of that 348 won't penetrate armour, and these are Imperial lances, so the reload on them varies from 16 to 12 seconds. So the DPM isn't as good as straight Macro broadsides (although given these things wont ever miss, it hardly matters... they are a little bit overpowered, but my god its fun).

It's also worth taking note that I've aimed to make the battleship as mobile as possible, but not the Mercurys, that's because the Mercury is significantly faster than your average BC: but also more fragile hulls (700 hp instead of 800).
I've invested heavily in shield upgrades to address that.
Also this fleet SUCKS against Eldar (minus the Nova Cannons), the lance weapons do very poorly against holo-feilds and the two Mercurys are very vulnerable once their shields drop; as well as being unable to use their speed to get away like they can with other factions.

Hense the second half:


This 'swarm fleet' basically exists for the sole purpose of making Eldar life an absolute hell, and can be very effective against SM and Chaos fleets.

The premise is really quite simple: bring a bunch of ships with the IN favour which aren't particularly expensive, make them fast and/or tanky, then fill in the the left-over 100-200 points with Sword Frigates. Enjoy the gloriously chaotic brawl that ensues: as yet more escorts are mass produced to replace losses.

The escorts also sort of act like additional armour against Eldar attacks, Pulsars not having a straight target on any capital ships unless they cut through all the Escorts: under constant fire while they are at it, the longer they delay the bigger the blob gets.


Another variation I like using is to bring a Dominator (or two, if you really want) with AdMech favour to beef out the formation, the 300 damage without dispersion is very nice if you can land it, so is the 200 damage with 2000-unit AOE when facing Eldar. and Macro Cannons make short work of most Eldar ships. Tyrant also work really well with range upgrades and the IN favour (which is why I have two... I love those ships).

Ill post more of my builds as I finish them up, the mod hasn't been out long and I'm working on a dedicated carrier build... Kudos to Imperator and especially PistonMiner for the awesome moding work.
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Re: Imperial Lance/Swarm hybrid fleet (Veritatem Imperialis Mod)

Postby tank152 » 19 December 2016, 02:07

caliger when i tried this mod once i got to the port screen a bunch of the screen was white and couldnt see everything is it not updated or am i doing something wrong

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