Chapter implementation, should NOT be favors

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Chapter implementation, should NOT be favors

Postby SpacePrez » 17 June 2016, 15:36

I'm real concerned that the way they'll implement the space marine chapters is going to be with the favor system. It would make sense as the game already has a mechanic for picking favors that change the appearance of ships. However, this would be very unsatisfying to fans of 40k.

If you have a favorite chapter, such as the Ultramarines or Blood Angels, you want to field an entire armada of ships belonging to that chapter. That means having to buy the same favor for all your ships, even if it isn't tactically advantageous. You're putting yourself at a disadvantage just to play the army you like.

Most people who play to win will end up with armies that are a couple of one favor, one of another favor and others that are vanilla. That wouldn't make a ton of sense in the fluff.

Even more concerning is the idea that one of the 5 chapters will be the default. So all ships will be Imperial Fists, and if you upgrade them they become one of the others.

Please don't do that. Please. It would be awful.

We'd end up seeing nothing but fleets of Imperial Fists which for no reason always happen to include a single Ultramarines and a single Blood Angels ship. It would be awkward to force the chapters like this.

Hopefully I'm worried about nothing and they have plans to add a chapter system independent of favors, but its very concerning.

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Re: Chapter implementation, should NOT be favors

Postby Anastari » 17 June 2016, 16:09

Well they basically have done that to every other faction in the game. Can't run a pure khorne fleet, or a pure bad moons, or pure biel tan eldar because those faction flavors are all tied to game mechanics that do different things, so some will be better than other and some will not. You can basically bet your bottom dollar that space marine chapters will be a thing.
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Re: Chapter implementation, should NOT be favors

Postby Owl » 18 June 2016, 14:31


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Re: Chapter implementation, should NOT be favors

Postby Kadaeux » 19 June 2016, 03:24

A: Ravensburg has already stated that you pick what chapter when you make a Marine Admiral, it's not tied to the Admiralty system.
B: What is it with all these idiots believing that it's somehow unfluffy for fleets to work together? The Adeptus Astartes do combined operations ALL the time.

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