capitulation punishment in ranked?

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Re: capitulation punishment in ranked?

Postby JorpA » 19 August 2016, 11:14

Bosie wrote:
Rolepgeek wrote: Being able to capitulate and instantly get out and keep your ships to fight again is a pretty sleazy tactic to get around that level of gameplay. That's the issue in question. And given that it's called capitulation, which is a form of surrender, not retreat...

This is the issue. I can burn a couple of ships to take down a Space Marine BB, and just as it's about to go... he hits the button. The ship survives for the next game, mine don't. If you capitulate, all your ships on the field should be considered as captured and not usable until you queue up for another ranked game.

This is exactly what should happen if you capitulate. Im sorry that i derailed this topic it was my bad. But yeah we are now back at topic.

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