Orks back to one trick OP pony status? serious butthurt facepalm WTF thread :D

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Re: Orks back to one trick OP pony status? serious butthurt facepalm WTF thread :D

Postby MYNAME? » 05 July 2016, 16:16

Ubikuuu wrote:
MYNAME? wrote:
Ubikuuu wrote:AND revert the ridiculous cost decrease for everything except maybe Grot Launcha.

Edit: oh and for lower Zzap damage of course we mean absolutely GUT IT right?.

No make zapps expensive as shit but dont tone down the damage

This might work, the question then is: how much?
My "big boy pants" lineup is 2xHammer + 2xTerror + Basha + Savage.
Oh Sweet Emperor its hard to contain the laughter even just writing this.
Seriously, how could anybod... ah whatever.

7 Zzaps + 5 Towers. Potentially.
But in fact my Basha is not part of this strategy as it has Kannons and only a 3kTower, Goffs favored: I bring them only to level up for use against IN (since I take pity on them) and Orks (because plans). So most of the times they don't even get to engage the enemy as I want the Basha to survive for the exp.
More! For the longest time I didn't even bring the Basha nor the Savage to get the bonus Renown in order to fully Favor my fleet, as happened in the two only CC I have lost (one I was about lvl 6 ships against full favored lvl 10 Chaos and the other max lvl 8 without Towers yet, full capped Chaos).

So think about it: if the cost increase happens be such that, if one chooses to go full Zzap, it disallows for the extra Basha and a Savage, that still gives us an embarassingly overpowered fleet.
And thats what? 120 points give or take?
So its an increase of about 20 points per Zzap, and it is still nowhere near enough.
So 30? 35 more each?
Thats quite a bit more than the cost of a Savage, which is rather ridiculous on multiple accounts, if you think about it.

Make them expensive enough for people to only be able to field a max amount of 4 or 5 zapps and if it still is broken further increase the cost of the zapp. Orks are supposed to be CQC and the zapp originally was intended as a catch up tool but due too recent changes it turned into a exploit.

I wouldnt even mind if ork zapps had a passive slow and shield piercing effect but they better not have more than 3 zapps in the fleet at that point. Even with full zapp orks are not supposed to trump chaos in every engagement. And same should go for chaos they need to remove AP for them as well as reduce their macro damage. Because from what I can see most chaos brawlers out DPS all imperial ships except for the dominator and Retribution I think.

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Re: Orks back to one trick OP pony status? serious butthurt facepalm WTF thread :D

Postby Taurusbully » 05 July 2016, 17:39

After some games I'll have to say... it really is a cancer.

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