New imp player what should i start with and upgrades

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New imp player what should i start with and upgrades

Postby akorndr2 » 01 July 2016, 09:20

Hey guys new player and getting spanked at i too. Which ships should i aim for and which upgrades should i focus on please

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Re: New imp player what should i start with and upgrades

Postby Ubikuuu » 01 July 2016, 12:51

Hi there!
So, the feel I have is that IN is one of the hardest factions to play. Only exception is Eldar. But while Eldar ranges from "Oh wth how can I be dead already" to "infuriatingly strong" with a proper amount of skill, IN just gets from "blah" to "meh". Surprisingly it does pretty well at low levels. It used to anyway, whatever.
Anyway know now you are in for an excruciatingly frustrating trip to... slightly subpar mediocrity.

General suggestions
1 - Detection and identification are VERY important. Maybe not early, but a 8th level it is crucial.
Use and upgrade Widowmakers, Beacons, Probes, Emission Dissipator upgrade and Run Silent order. Learn exactly how sight and identification mechanics work.
2 - Fighters screens. Torps, bombers and assault craft are deadly and WILL be used en masse against you, potentially by any factions, in most of the strategies. Remember this when preparing your fleet composition.
3 - Escorts. They are good! Use them! Upgrade them! Fleet got smashed? Play a couple mass Escorts rounds and laugh it off.
4 to pffft - Use Orders smart, dont exaust your Gauge, blah blah...

Sparse thoughts on Upgrades.
Depends on ship and role.
The only universal one is Armored Belt.
Mezoa Engine is great. Again, think at the ship role, will it have to chase/run?
Auto Refuel is pretty mandatory on carriers to keep up the Ordinance waves.
AP got the nerf bat but it's still pretty mandatory for any ships that wants to get in close.
Voss Shield is great especially when stacking shield buffs via other Upgrades and Skills (Overcharge, Transfer).
Power Ram. *ChooChoo* If they blew their Order and its not Brace, it can be deadly.

Sparse thoughts on ships.
Emperor is our anti-Eldar saving grace. Belt, Targeting Matrix and Beacon. Rest whatever. Go get em!
Retty is pretty good too, but I can't fit it in my meta. Never used it so, can't really say.
Overlord and Mars are very different (gunship and support craft) both are decent at what they do, the choice here depends on your fighter situation on the rest of the fleet.
Tyrant and Dominator. The brawlers. Tyrant gets a pretty irrelevant longer range Plasma Macro and pays for it with a pretty irrelevant amount of damage. Torps are generally better against everyone except Eldar.
Dictator. A cruiser slot for two hangar bays. Thats almost literally all it is. Pretty useless otherwise and way overcosted. But it has got torps, so whatever. It's the price to pay to get two Overlords as Battlecruisers.
Lunar is a trap.
Gothic might do ok against Marines, problem is to find the slot for it.
Dauntlesses are nasty little versatile fuckers, torps or lance depends if you have got the apm to spare.

Mechanicum is one of the few above-average things we got. Always good.
Inquisition gives AM a run for its money on carriers, probably still inferior on everything except on Emperor.
Astartes was solid and a fair contender to AM on brawlers and Dauntlesses. Now its ratings bonus got halved and LS can't deal permanent criticals, so yeah... maybe with Teleportarium and Assassin, can do good.
Navy. Never tried it. Might bring good cheese when spammed, but you got to have a plan. My guess is that any plan involving it is going to have mediocre success, but this is IN so nothing to be scoffed at.

Be cool.
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Re: New imp player what should i start with and upgrades

Postby akorndr2 » 01 July 2016, 13:44

Thank you. Think ill practice on skirmish. Normal or hard you think. Btw ive been playing heap of space marines lately on skirmish and orks are really frustrating get spammed and its so hard to counter their big ships

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