Crashes, hackers, bugs galore--the patch made it worse

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Crashes, hackers, bugs galore--the patch made it worse

Postby 7ED » 23 May 2016, 04:39

I really want to like this game. I *really* want to like it. When the game functions, I have a ton of fun. But somehow, after the patch, it is barely functional.

2 out of every 3 games I've played today (I've attempted many) have crashed or been hacked or experienced technical issues of some sort.

The fact that the vast majority of the crashes came while I was winning or on the verge of victory suggests that much of it is due to hackers. But that still leaves the games where no clear victory had yet emerged. That also leaves the massive hacking problem that is ruining the game for everyone. This isn't just a problem of people with ships maxed out on upgrades. This is a problem of having people do shit that forces CTDs to win battles. I've come out of some of these with all my participating ships with both the "destroyed" modifier AND the "heavy damage" modifier.

Until this shit is fixed I am out. And I have a sneaking suspicion you're going to have more people drop out between now and the next patch.

Also. Balance issues. But y'all know that already judging from all the people on this forum who are very angry about the Eldar.

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Re: Crashes, hackers, bugs galore--the patch made it worse

Postby Focus_Jolan » 23 May 2016, 09:17

Hello 7ED,

I'm sorry you experienced that.
You can be push to Main Menu in 2 cases:
- When you tried to connect to someone who don't have the same version than you. It happen often after a patch. (We are working on a good solution to avoid this issue)
- When the host of the game leave the game. Disconnection, crash... We are also working on a solution to fix this but it's a little hard because of P2P connection system.

If you crash after push back to Main Menu, please send us your Dump.
You can find the Dump file here :
C:\Users\"PC Name"\AppData\Local\BattleFleetGothic\Saved\Logs

So, be sure that we are aware of this problem and qe're worcking on the best solution for this.

Thank you.
Jolan - Focus Team

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