How to recover forgotten aol password

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How to recover forgotten aol password

Postby itguide » 14 March 2019, 08:43

AOL Mail Password Reset Recovery – In case you have forgotten the password for your AOL account then you need guided steps to reset or recover the AOL password. AOL Mail Password Reset or Recovery steps are easy and anybody can perform them without any issues.

You can contact the AOL support if you get any error while performing these steps. Also, visit and get similar blogs for your other AOL Mail issues

Steps to Change AOL Mail Password
If you wish to change the existing AOL Mail password due to any security concern. Then you can follow these detailed steps.

Open an AOL Mail supported browser on your computer.
In the URL section, type and hit the enter key.
Now, enter your AOL sign-in credentials such as username and password.
Sign in to the AOL account.
Now go to the AOL account settings.
Go to account security and choose to change the password.
You will be asked to enter your existing password.
Then enter the new password and re-enter it to verify.
Once you are done, click on Save button on the screen.
You have successfully created a new AOL mail password. If you are facing issue with the above steps then contact the AOL support. A technician will help you with your AOL Mail Password Reset or Recovery issue.

Reset the Forgotten AOL Password

In case you do not remember the existing AOL password then you can follow the AOL password reset steps.
Go to on your web browser.
Enter your username or email address and click next.
Now click on “I forgot my password” link on the screen.
You will get three alternatives to choose from in order to reset the AOL password.
Get Recovery code on phone number
Get Recovery code on the alternative email address
Answer security question to reset the password.
Make your choice and click Next.
If you choose to get the recovery code then enter this recovery code when prompted.
Otherwise, answer the security question and when provided choose a new password.
Enter the new password and re-enter it to verify.
Once you are done, you can log in to AOL account using the username and new password.
If you are getting any issue while resetting the AOL password then contact the AOL support. You can read the troubleshooting method to fix this error by visiting

Tip on Creating a Strong Password for AOL Account
When creating a new AOL password, keep these things in your mind.

Use a password with more characters including upper case, lower case, numbers and special characters.
Do not use obvious phrases like “123456”, “password”, your name or your date of birth.
Keep on changing your password once in a while.
Never repeat an old or previously used password ever again.
Do not share your any password with anyone in any situation.
Never copy-paste your username or password from anywhere. Always type it out.
For more such AOL Mail Password Reset or Recovery tips, contact the AOL support.
If you are unable to reset or recover the AOL password then feel free to contact the AOL support. A technician will guide toward the effective steps to fix your issue.

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