How to unblock gmail blocked by system administrator

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How to unblock gmail blocked by system administrator

Postby itguide » 12 March 2019, 08:37

Are you frustrated of being not able to access gmail from your office or school. Follow the steps given below to unblock the access to google.

1. Try to use different url address like,, etc

below are some options for you:




· or


2. Use iGoogle

You have various gadgets available in your igoogle account. you can have a Gmail gadget added to it.

to add gmail gadget to your igoogle account please follow the steps given below:

1. Login to your iGoogle

2. go to Add Stuff screen and search for gmail gadget and add it

3. You can use Microsoft Outlook Or Other Mail Programs To Access Gmail Using POP3/IMAP

4. you can use proxy websites

using a proxy website you can access any blocked site

5. The last option

this is the last option you have. lure your system administrator and develop a friendship with him. because he is the only person that will help you out with this now.

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Re: How to unblock gmail blocked by system administrator

Postby HaydenBlaxland » 22 June 2020, 04:27

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