How To Fix Google Chrome Not Responding Error

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How To Fix Google Chrome Not Responding Error

Postby itguide » 07 March 2019, 12:04

Follow the quick fixes that can assist you with the problem and additionally help you to avoid unnecessary time and effort.

Fix 1: Add Chrome To The Firewall Exception List
Google Chrome might stop responding if there is any problem with your Firewall settings. To ensure that your Chrome Browser is working accurately, you need to allow it through your Firewall. Go to the Search menu and type Windows Firewall in the search box. Confirm your action by hitting Enter. Now, tick the Allow Chrome option, through the Windows Firewall. Click the Change Settings button and choose to Allow another app.

Lastly, select Google Chrome and go to Add, then hit OK. Google Chrome will be automatically permitted to go through your Firewall.

Fix 2: Clear The DNS Cache
DNS cache is just a minor issue. You need to run a few very basic commands in the Command Prompt to initiate the process. First, press the Windows Key as well as the X key, from your keyboard. This will open the Win + X menu. Choose Command Prompt from the list and enter the command ‘ipconfig /flushdns’ and ‘netsh winsock reset.’

Fix 3: Scan Your Device For Malware
If your sytem is affected by a malware infection, then it can interfere with your browser and prevent Chrome to function. You can fix it by performing a thorough antivirus scan. Ensure that your system is protected by utilizing the inbuilt Windows Defender or a certified third-party antivirus.

Perform a full system scan and eliminate the damaged files. Additionally, you can try to run anti-malware tools and secure your system.

Fix 4: Run SFC/ DISM scan
File corruption eventually leads to issues with the Browser. To repair these corrupted files, you can try running an SFC scan. Initiate Command Prompt as administrator. When the dialog box appears, enter sfc /scannow command and press Enter. Wait and do not interrupt the scanning process.

Once the scan completes, verify if the problem is resolved. If the issue is still there, you can try using DISM scan instead. You can easily do it by, running Command Prompt as administrator and then hit enter after typing in DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth command. Wait till the scan completes and fixes the problem.

Fix 5: Update Chrome Browser
If you notice that Chrome not responding, then there is a possibility that it is out of date. Usually, Chrome checks for updates automatically but you can do it manually by opening Google Chrome. Then, click the Menu icon and navigate through Help > About Google Chrome. As soon as the new tab appears, check for the availability of recent updates. Click on Download Updates and wait for a while. Still, it automatically takes place.

Fix 6: Clear Temporary Files From Device
Another most general underlying reason for stopping your Chrome from responding is a large amount of temporary data. If the cache gets corrupted, then it can lead to real-time issues with Chrome. Clean the unwanted files to prevent loss of critical data. For cleaning the cache open Google Chrome and click the Menu icon. Select Settings from the menu. You will notice a tab appears, scroll down and click on Advanced. Now hit the Clear browsing data option and set the time range to ‘All Time’. Lastly, click on Clear data and reboot your device.

Fix 7: Reset Google Chrome
If you are still unable to solve the problem with Chrome and Chrome not responding, then you need to reset it to its default setting. You need to click on the Menu icon and navigate to Settings. Then scroll and click on Advanced. Lastly, hit the Reset Settings option and confirm this process by clicking on the Reset button. Reboot your device and verify if the problem persists.

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