Tau Achievements

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Sir A Harris
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Tau Achievements

Postby Sir A Harris » 11 September 2016, 00:04

Anyone got any guesses of what the requirements are? :P
These are the Achievements:

Master of the Mont'Ka tactic

Admiral of the Farsight Enclaves

To unite the stars

Master of the Kauyon tactic

Fight for the Greater Good

My guess is that 'Fight for the Greater Good' is the Level 8 admiral, 'Admiral of the Farsight Enclaves' is most likely having a number of vessels as Fire Warriors (since the colour scheme is the same)
The two arts ones are most likely some form of 'win this many battles with' etc, but stuck with what 'To unite the stars are, maybe have one vessel of each race? (AKA Demiurg/Kroot/Drow)

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Re: Tau Achievements

Postby Willbohor » 04 October 2016, 07:15

I got the Admiral of the Farsight Enclaves by fighting à Tau vs Tau battle.
Don't know for the rest

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Re: Tau Achievements

Postby Beernchips » 04 October 2016, 16:21

10 wins with mont ka warfare
10 wins with kauyon warfare
lvl 10 auxiliary ship
lvl 8 tau admiral
win a tau vs tau batle
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