Running Silent counters Ordnance?

General discussion regarding the Tau Empire beta.
Cpt. Fortius Grim
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Running Silent counters Ordnance?

Postby Cpt. Fortius Grim » 10 September 2016, 15:28

I'm not sure if this is new:

Most of the time I let my cannons do the work with the Imperium or Orks, but I always used attack craft with my Space Marine and Chaos fleets, and haven't seen it happen before the Tau beta. Could be because I'm trying to keep a greater distance with my weeaboos? (6k as opposed to my regular 3)
Also, I only play against AI. Consider it a relaxing duck hunt, if you will.

So here's how it goes;

I'm flying my Tau cruisers, ID the enemy with probes, and as soon as I'm in range, my ships auto-launch their bombers.
... Only for the enemy to pop the Running Silent order on the targeted ship, which makes my attack craft abandon their mission and return to the mothership, wasting their cooldowns- which, in case of the Tau don't have the -20% upgrade option.

I'm usually fighting a different target by the time I can launch the second wave of bombers, and I soon find out that this target - and all consecutive ones- have saved the use of their special orders just for this occasion, and promptly turn back my second, third, etc. wave of bombers.

It doesn't happen ALL the time, but it is pretty frequent, and I've had some battles where I had zero succesful bombing runs.

I'd like one of two things to happen:

1. - Activating Running Silent shouldn't affect ordnance that has already been launched; If you think about it, it doesn't make much sense for them to lose their target if they are almost already in striking distance. Even if they somehow do lose them, given how ponderous these vessels are, they'd still have a pretty good chance to estimate their location for the next couple of seconds.

2. - Ordnance that returns to mothership due to their target being lost or destroyed before they could unleash their payload should reset the cooldown on the launch bay.
Reason being, we suddenly have fully armed and mostly fuelled attack craft sitting on our runways. What's the cooldown for in that case? Did the pilots set up the regicide boards, and we're waiting for them to finish the round?

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Re: Running Silent counters Ordnance?

Postby Imperator5 » 10 September 2016, 15:29

Yeah I'm afraid ordenance and homing torpedoes all fail if the target goes silent running or enters a nebula. Has been for some time.

Please help me change skirmish to be customisable. Its very important for PVE players.

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Re: Running Silent counters Ordnance?

Postby Hallbregg » 12 September 2016, 12:36

Yes, silent running "counters" ordenance. That is how it was intended to work.

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Re: Running Silent counters Ordnance?

Postby Ravensburg » 12 September 2016, 15:58

I confirm.



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Re: Running Silent counters Ordnance?

Postby Ashardalon » 13 September 2016, 05:33

Ravensburg wrote:I confirm.



i would love it if bombers could have a 2k detection range
there is usually a techpriest or equivalent on the larger tiny ships that could send the coordinates trough(not on interceptors tho)
and it makes sense that you can spot a 5k long ship from 2k away
its probably not going to happen but its one of the few things that could seriously mess with the current stealth meta
and it could make offensive carriers more viable

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Re: Running Silent counters Ordnance?

Postby FeliciaJMiner » 12 November 2019, 07:08

I also would love it if bombers could have a 2k detection range which increases the awareness of it.
there is usually a tech-priest or equivalent on the larger tiny ships that could send the coordinates trough and it makes sense that it can spot a 5k longship from 2k away. I have a startup of discounts that relates to the essay writing service. Because I was observing this for last years there are a huge need for this service.

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Re: Running Silent counters Ordnance?

Postby WandaRRobinson » 01 April 2020, 13:06

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