I'm diggin it

General discussion regarding the Tau Empire beta.
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I'm diggin it

Postby Arctourus » 09 September 2016, 02:08

I haven't tried playing multiplayer yet, so I've only fought dumb bots, but I like the feel of these guys. Not sure how they will play against a good opponent though.

I like the favors...each has a unique feel to it. Overall, I think favors is one of the areas that the devs need to look at revamping. Some are ridiculously powerful, some useless. I think the favors should mainly buff a unit's performance....speed/stealth/detection/cooldown/range etc. I'm not a big fan of favors that let you do powerful attacks from afar...except I do like the railgun. It's not point and click dead, more skill involved in aiming.

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