orbital bombardment ufo

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orbital bombardment ufo

Postby Ashardalon » 12 September 2016, 02:59

in a orbital bombardment mission vs AI the mission didn't end when all enemy ships where dead
after looking around the only thing that i found was a weird defense platform shaped something with the tau warpout graphic on both sides hanging off the map edge
was able to finish the mission by completing the bombardments
not a very clear screenshot, i know
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Re: orbital bombardment ufo

Postby Iam Alpharius » 12 September 2016, 08:24

This is indeed a tau defense platform with the warp loading fx on both side, it might be that someone forgot to remove test stuff on this particular map i will check it out.
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orbital bombardment ufo

Postby Darrenvet » 31 August 2018, 21:50

It would be cool but kind of broken maybe if hv guns and ion canons prevented orbital bombardment, Like if they are preventing the ships to get in position thanks to the guns pointing at them.

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