Thoughts on Tau Strike Craft

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Re: Thoughts on Tau Strike Craft

Postby BrianDavion » 07 September 2016, 01:58

actually I tend to discuss the kilometer thick armor on a battle barge statement myself. sure a battle barge only has 300 marines, but it also has a crew of chapter serfs and the like.

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Re: Thoughts on Tau Strike Craft

Postby terribletezza » 07 September 2016, 06:55

I don't remember the title, but it WAS an official Black Library relase; Some confused author wrote, a Battle Barge has 1Km (1000 meters, or 1.6 miles) thick ARMOR PLATING...
...Which would make the vessel large and heavy enough to crumple into a spherical shape due to it's natural gravity, but hey, you got paid either way...[/quote]

A mile is 1.6km or 1600m

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Re: Thoughts on Tau Strike Craft

Postby Ashardalon » 07 September 2016, 14:22

in most novels marauders also have a crew of 7+techpriest+servitor assistance

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Re: Thoughts on Tau Strike Craft

Postby Galamere » 09 September 2016, 18:34

When you launch the bombers in this there are only 1 per ordinance launch bay that are sent out. In some ways this makes them more vulnerable it seems (AT least I can easily notice when they are shot down as they are MASSIVE) but they also hit like trucks. Especially with the Fire Cast favor, XV upgrade and shields. You get bomber damage, maybe a crit, guaranteed fire, maybe a system destoryed from the boarding action, and if you are using the right battle tactic they are made even's nasty.

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