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Re: How I would do the Tau + Allies

Posted: 20 July 2016, 07:53
by StormAlchemist15
I really hate to resurrect a dead thread.... but as someone who right now is still assembling a Tau Kor'Vattra tabletop fleet.... I would be very, very disheartened if no ships from this fleet were to make an appearance. Sure, they didn't quite fit with the ascetic, but i could hold out on my own with my fleet back when TT Gothic was still a thing here in Canada. I don't believe that just because FW ships looked better means that they should be the only representation for the Tau. the Gal'Leath ships I have finished are some of the most visually stunning in my collection, and frankly... well, I'd be more than a wee bit disappointed if they didn't make an appearance lol.

Sorry i don't have any interesting mechnics to contribute, radiation and paint fumes hurt that way heh.