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fighting eldar

Posted: 03 October 2016, 20:11
by Arctourus
so, just started my tau admiral the other day and have mostly fought against tau. I did have one match against eldar though, and got thoroughly whipped. Seeing as the tau are slow, and the eldar excel at running away, I just tried hiding in a cloud and waiting for them to come to me. I could counter the torpedo attacks, but eventually he got frustrated enough that he snuck in from the sides with pulsar spam and got me before I could turn. Used beacons and the like when possible, but the turtle tactic didn't work so well in this case. What are some tried and true methods of squishing these kite races?

Re: fighting eldar

Posted: 03 October 2016, 21:59
by Hallbregg
Get the extra range on turret, or some messenger escorts, that would help a lot dealing with ordenance.

Re: fighting eldar

Posted: 03 October 2016, 22:20
by Jarrid
The best way to deal with eldar is simple, brutal and effective. Charge.

Make the eldar player think you're hiding and camping in a line and let him get overconfident and start splitting up his attacking ships while close to you, or getting too close. At that point turbo your entire fleet at him while he starts an attack run. Keep boarding on auto and ram for all your worth. Its also best to have to marketlight and turret upgrades for good close aoe damage.

Sit back and watch his fleet melt from the surprise charge. If he tries to run attach some beacons or fire beacons at his escape path so you can keep shooting. It's unskillful and blunt but it works. Full aggression, maximum effort. I've not lost a single match to eldar using this simple tactic.

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Posted: 10 October 2016, 08:04
by Leomark
Just mentioning I find it very difficult to beat Tau as one of the few Eldar players out there ( from my own experience) I cant seem to really hurt any of their formations. Be that water or earth cast fleets I am totally overwhelmed by good accurate firepower or many escorts with many bullets? Shells? Whatever their called there are many of them and they often get through my holo-field's. I do notice that their vulnerable to lighting strikes after their shields are down but unfortunately lighting strikes only disable subsystems. I've had good success with torpedoes, but only when some novice Tau player doesn't bring ships with fighter bays. Of the three times I've been matched I've lost twice and won once due to typical scum bag torpedo tactics :D, but other then that I often have to disengage since I cant really hurt them.

I'm currently experimenting with different favours like Ulthwe since psychic storm and big death ball Tau fleets are and obvious attraction. However that requires me to drop their shields in some form meaning I have to close somewhat and I've heard manta strikes have high damage potential. However as I close I can be attacked, shot, etc but with stasis and storm the pay out could be huge.

If there are any more experienced Eldar players around feel free to add tactics or experiences with fighting Tau

Re: fighting eldar

Posted: 11 October 2016, 10:58
by menaximus
Leomark wrote:
If there are any more experienced Eldar players around feel free to add tactics or experiences with fighting Tau