Demiurg ships favor removal

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Re: Demiurg ships favor removal

Postby McNash » 03 October 2016, 00:50

Demiurg desperately need the Air Caste favour, they are great tanks and nukers, but their speed is abysmal, and they can't get crew points, please, bring favours back!

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Mister Maf
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Re: Demiurg ships favor removal

Postby Mister Maf » 03 October 2016, 05:17

Have you tried manually starting and cancelling a warp jump before getting to 30% HP to put the warp engine on cooldown? Not sure if this overrides the mandatory warp out or not, but it's worth a try.

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Re: Demiurg ships favor removal

Postby Ashardalon » 03 October 2016, 05:58

only works if you do it every 30seconds after the initial cooldown and since those ships are also carriers and you lose your fighter cover or en-route bombers every time you start a warpjump it might be a really bad idea especially as as soon as you come off off cooldown it will jump anyway, its a neat trick for kannon orks but dont think it would work for demiurg
and just generally not allowing crew lvling AND not allowing any favors is too much i think
while the ship is amazing at lvl1 by the time you are fighting lvl10 favored ships it becomes almost worthless
not allowing crew lvls makes sense both in that GW doesnt want them to and lorewize since most of those systems are mostly automated
but having a watercaste delegation on board to remind them of their promises to the ethereals makes perfect sense to me
only having watercaste is a little simple but again they are the diplomats so makes sense
maybe they removed it because it was such a linear non-choise but if that is the case they should still get its benefits once it reaches lvl5 or something, becoming an honorary member of the tau empire and all that...not that honorary members have spent so much time around ethereals that they are basiccaly brainwashed... totally not wat i am saiing
currently it leaves them weak and unreliable and those arnt traits i want in what is basically a battleship

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Re: Demiurg ships favor removal

Postby Beernchips » 03 October 2016, 19:23

Auxiliaries good also have the choice between 2 specific favors something like :
- United : no more mercenary trait for demiurg/bonus crew for kroot + rally skill
- Wanderers : +25 speed + skill that give +5k range detection for 15 seconds
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