Thoughts on beta Tau

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Thoughts on beta Tau

Postby menaximus » 09 September 2016, 08:27

So i guess they are somewhere between chaos and eldar in terms of gameplay (long range and stealth). But even though eldar are my main faction, it is hard for me to adapt to this engine mechanic, that all (exept eldar) posses. I guess i will eventually get to some more kauyon tactic style sooner or later. :x

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Re: Thoughts on beta Tau

Postby McNash » 21 September 2016, 20:48

I actually find the Tau quite interesting in the sense that you can actually convert them to close quarter combats with the right upgrades, in the sense they are slightly more flexible than the eldar, the greatest thing, however, is how useful most of their favours are, I found no real dead weight in that department, which is a great novelty.

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