Tau fleet builds

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Tau fleet builds

Postby MadDemiurg » 30 October 2016, 01:18


Will post a few Tau builds for persistent and ranked in case anyone's interested. Tau can be quite flexible and have several playstyles in one fleet, at least in persistent where you can upgrade all ships.

Persistent build 1:

BB - Custodian
Favour - Air caste
Upgrades - +Fighter health, Manta boardings, Shield recharge, Special order duration, Dhows
Skills: EIC, probe, beacon, repair drones

This is a kiting carrier. Frontal shield armour not taken cause it won't be facing its enemies often, so it's gonna be wasted. Very fast and manoeuvrable for a BB. 400p is taxing though and dhows/wardens are often not worth it. Still viable in some MUs/missions. EIC helps to keep up that sweet air caste accuracy malus longer and avoid danger. Can repair damage on self and other ships with drones when kiting. Possible to swap 1 of the scouting skills for MWJ or gravitic push.

Auxilary 1&2 - Stronghold
Upgrades: Macro range, Augur range, Special order duration, Shield recharge, Belt armour
Skills: MWJ, beacon, repair drones, shield recharge or overcharge

Tank ships, MWJ and augurs are essential for mobility and countering insubordination. Belt armour very much desired so you don't lose your generators (and thus MWj) or deck instantly, both can be devastating. Can repair each other when taken in pair extending survivability by quite a bit. Shield overcharge is better at countering burst damage, while recharge is better vs sustained dps.

Cruisers 1&2 - 167p version, fights at 6k
Favour: Earth caste
Upgrades: Frontal shield armour, +100 shields, Shield recharge, Fighter health, Manta boardings, Belt armour
Skills: MWJ, beacon

Shield tanks/artillery/carriers. MWJ is needed to reposition when under heavy pressure/avoid rams/catch up with kiters. Beacons are needed to tag targets. Full shield upgrades and ordnance upgrades for some Mont'ka taking out key systems. Belt armour to prevent gen crits cause they make 3 upgrades useless and disable MWJ. Possible to swap one of the shield upgrades for order duration to diversify a bit.

Cruiser 3 - 166p version, fights at 9k
Favour: Air caste
Upgrades: - +Fighter health, Manta boardings, Shield recharge, Special order duration, belt armour
Skills: EIC, probe

Small brother of the custodian, a kiting carrier that can be also used for 9k range fire support/flanking

Light cruisers 1,2&3 - 102p Emissary
Favour: Earth caste
Upgrades: Frontal shield armour, +100 shields, Shield recharge, Augur range, Special order duration, Belt armour
Skills: MWJ

Shield tank/artillery. Similar to Earth caste cruisers, but no launchbays, os gets augur range for extra vision and better MWJ and special order duration. MWJ is critical vs brawlers trying to crush your gunline or vs kiters when you need to catch up.

Light cruiser 4 - 102p Emissary
Favour: Air caste
Upgrades: - Emission dissipator, Stealth alloy, Augur range, +3k lance range, +100 shields
Skills: beacon

Stealth scout/Flanker/9k range fire support

700p deployments:

1) 2 Earth caste cruisers + 3 Earth caste LCs + messenger. 5 railgun artillery, effective on most missions except when speed is critical or vs very tough brawlers
2) 2 Earth caste cruisers + 2 Earth caste LCs + 1 air caste LC + messenger. Artillery setup with bit more scouting but "only" 4 railguns
3) 2x Stronghold + Air caste cruiser + Air caste LC. Brawling setup, strongholds do the tanking and Tau ships scout & flank. If Strongholds die air caste ships can kite the remains of the enemy fleet with seekers and mantas (hopefully there's not much left). Can go toe to toe with most brawling setups, but slow, so bad for timed objectives or vs very long range kiting
4) Custodian + Air caste cruiser + Air caste LC. Kiting carrier setup and/or anti kiting chaser setup, good vs strong but slow brawlers or fast but not that tough kiting fleets. LC provides vision and can distract by flanking from 9k

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Re: Tau fleet builds

Postby McNash » 16 January 2017, 23:56

I actually find you can do any build as long is not kroot warsphere.

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Re: Tau fleet builds

Postby Romeo » 31 March 2017, 19:05

McNash wrote:I actually find you can do any build as long is not kroot warsphere.

Yeah, the Warsphere is incredibly cheap for what it is, but unless your opponent is braindead, the Warsphere will almost never earn its cost back.

While not exactly a "build" my general rule is to put everything behind a very specific ship:
Demiurg Stronghold, with the "Smart Missiles" upgrade. It will steadily strip off 18HP per second to anything nearby, plus it can ram, use its mining laser and its compliment of weaponry to utterly obliterate anything within 3000m of itself. Makes for an extremely tough wall. While it jumps in to the centre of the enemy, I use the rest of the Tau fleet to pick off specific ships that could be a potential threat to it.

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