Just stuck with space marines

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Just stuck with space marines

Postby Arctourus » 28 July 2016, 15:23

So they are more survivable than others, but they seem to be weaker offensively. Seriously, they can fire away at an enemy sometimes and nothing seems to happen. Short of a battle barge, it takes forever to cause significant damage.

Starting out, I've built my fleet on torps....taking advantage of the boarding torps. But anyone with a clue can easily defeat them. Lances, unless completely boated like chaos, are weak, and I'm not sure how well a fleet of carriers would function. They are great at boarding actions, but weak offensively. Anyone have any suggestions on strategy for space marines?

I mainly tailor builds to the strengths of the ship. Survivability (shielding), vision (when boarding torps are present) and some of the weapon quirks when possible.

I'm sorry but, largely, the favors seem useless to me. I enjoy playing them, but battles are very hit and miss.

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Re: Just stuck with space marines

Postby tazercow » 02 August 2016, 01:33

Really the only viable strategy with SM is to cripple your enemy with as many boarding actions as fast as possible, then move in once there's nothing they can do to retaliate. Boarding torps and thunderhawks are your main weapon for this, since you really don't want to be rushing in for normal boarding actions while your enemy still has their weapons up. Make sure you take plenty of beacons so they can't break vision, and prioritize weapons and engines while you stay out of range. Once their ships are lit up yellow and red, move in to finish them off. Don't be afraid to use normal torps and thunderhawk gunships to help with this.

As for favors, Master of the Forge and Chapter Master are incredibly powerful. Put MF on a battle barge for 4 extra upgrade slots and CM on either a strike cruiser or your other battle barge. The CM buff applies to your entire fleet while that ship is still in play. The other two favors are pretty meh, not nearly powerful enough and way too situational.

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