Yes, another one of these. The Gloriana Class

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Yes, another one of these. The Gloriana Class

Postby Lockerd » 22 June 2016, 21:19

While I understand most detest the idea of the Gloriana Class Battleship being in game, since it'd be 2x the size of a battle barge according to what we know, there are other ships in game which would be 1.5-2x smaller than what they are now if they were true to their sizes.

I'd say let the gloriana class in, it's 4x the length of a mars class battlecruiser, but it can also be reduced in size by 25% to fit in the game, and scale the maps to be 10% larger, extend the deploy zone a little bit, then bam, you've got yourself the Gloriana Class.....also SUPER expensive.

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