Nonsense bugs/glitch since patch.

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Nonsense bugs/glitch since patch.

Postby RedAngelofPeace » 11 June 2016, 13:55

These are the items I have been encountering with Eldar as of new patch, these could be something I am doing wrong or bugs/glitches.

1) Eclipse Vaul Pattern not gaining experience or "Battles Waged" count increases past lvl 2 (no matter how many fights they survive)
2) Vaul Maneuver being placed on auto-cast ... constantly in battle.
3) When two classes of ships are in the same control group, only the first class of ships will respond to the "stop" movement order, the rest of the classes of ships just keep going.
4) Ships completely surviving battle and/or warping out counting as destroyed (Skull Icon) and are 2 turns damaged in Hanger.

Anything else I should be on the lookout for? Are any of these user error?

Thanks guys.

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Re: Nonsense bugs/glitch since patch.

Postby Mav » 12 June 2016, 12:25

As an ardent eldar player I have yet to experience any of the bugs OP mentions but from my own PoV I sometimes feel as if my skills aren't executed. I.E. I click to use a skill on the map and the game acts as if I deselected the ship

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Re: Nonsense bugs/glitch since patch.

Postby RedAngelofPeace » 13 June 2016, 00:51

Hey Mav,

It's good to know these may be isolated issues. I too have some problems with using abilities that simply "disappear" on the map and reset the cool down on said ability. (It has happened to me with all fleets, using bombs generally)

I was able to solve problem #1 I listed by using the 'replace' feature and buying another ship, as it was lvl 2, I didn't lose much renown. The Eclipse Vaul Pattern has leveled up just fine now.

Problem #4 was related to network latency I believe. I found out by playing with a friend who was seeing my ships being killed during the end of the match, when the "Victory" message was popping up and then waiting to go to the rewards screen. On my screen it had looked like I had either won or escaped prior to destruction, but in reality my fleet was slightly out of sync with the host.... I think, again we took an educated guess, and I have not seen this issue again.

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Re: Nonsense bugs/glitch since patch.

Postby Solitaire_7 » 15 June 2016, 17:43

Since last patch some of my special orders sometimes cancel themselves well before their duration officially expires which is odd.
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Re: Nonsense bugs/glitch since patch.

Postby Beernchips » 16 June 2016, 16:59

My Eclipse Vaul gain XP but it don t appear in combat log after battle. But if you look in dock XP is gained normally.
I think the xp gain not appearing in battle report is a bug becaus eit is the same for almost all eldar ships (and perhaps other factions too)
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Re: Nonsense bugs/glitch since patch.

Postby Adrmial Seraph » 30 June 2016, 19:04

I have the Vaul bug, it's super annoying for it to randomly get turned onto autocast. In fact it's so bad I'm almost ready to refit my ships. Because nothing says "screw you" like performing a vaul while kiting away from the enemy.

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