Changes Coming.... This change is better

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Changes Coming.... This change is better

Postby Franchize » 18 May 2016, 17:46

I watched the video's of Manni destroying fleets at an almost hilarious rate; however his map awareness and tactical strategy were the reason he won near 100% of his battles as eldar. I do understand that Eldar is a high risk high reward type faction and I'm wondering what you guys think about the changes coming. I do not agree that the sole reason why Manni was able to dominate his opponents was because of range. What I saw was the most over powered part of his gameplay is the favor that gives him 50% bonus damage when hidden and the running silent upgrade. I would think that simply changing the eldar's fragile ability to Flash ability which would extend the cool down on running silently by 100% and reduce running silently duration by 100% would be a far better balance. Also remove the upgrade that extends running silently to not include running silently or reduce it to 50% from 100%. This would allow other players a better chance to kite eldar players. This would make the favor where if we don't move we go invisible more useful! Also change cruiser clash to a team death match defender is ridiculous.

Here is the changes coming!!!

I know Pulsars are controversial, but they fulfill a role that fits perfectly with the Eldar hit-and-run playstyle. They are the perfect counterparts of Starcannons - high burst, high cool down vs low damage, high rate of fire.
As mentioned earlier, before nerfing Pulsars to the ground, we’re going to remove the range upgrade and replace it with a Starcannon upgrade. I think the major issue with Pulsars at the moment comes from range upgrades that make them really disgusting, as Eldars are no longer forced to commit their ships at mid-range in order to perform the burst. We’re also thinking about increasing the duration between each pulsar shot.

Eldars are still the faction that requires the most work. What I can tell you for now, is that we’re going to remove the range upgrades for pulsars, and replace them with new upgrades for Starcannons. Our goal regarding Eldar weaponry is to create a true choice between getting a fleet with Starcannons or a fleet with Pulsars.
Eldar may be a bit too squishy at the moment, but we’re working to see the extent to which this is true. We also understand that the assassination and Data recovery missions are not quite satisfying with or against Eldars, so we’re looking into amending that.

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Re: Changes Coming.... This change is better

Postby Bludfist » 18 May 2016, 18:05

those changes are too open ended to speculate on tbt imho, veloc said that their is a large patch comming later this we need to wait and see i guess atleast before we can accurately comment
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