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Re: Eldar vs Eldar

Postby Ivanna » 20 May 2016, 09:17

I personally LOVE Eldar vs Eldar matches

Yes, it's a brawl in which you're likely to lose ships and not the hit & run style you use against other races. It doesn't play like the broadside slugfests of the other races, either. It's much more like air combat in WW2, where you're constantly dogfighting for that positional advantage over your enemy. You have to be constantly moving to keep your holofields maxed, but also have to keep your ships pointed at an enemy better than the enemy is doing to you. I think there's a fair amount of skill involved in managing all that, especially in a 700 point game.

One nice thing to do in this matchup is to use the "Attack while moving" feature (which I normally disable for Pulsar ships) as this way you can keep your ships moving in formation whilst focus firing on a single enemy. If you're issuing an attack order, it helps to set engagement range to 3km so the ship spends as long as possible in motion. If enemy ships are chasing one of your ships, lead them into another one of your formations and they'll be forced to disengage.

If you absolutely must stop moving, at least have the upgrade which increases the minimum holofield amount to 20%, and preferably also Wraithbourne Reinforcement. These will make an enormous difference.

It's also tempting to use the Lock On! special order in this matchup to maximise critical hits, but I've found Brace for Impact! to be a better choice most of the time, as the damage reduction from both macro weapons and ramming is huge. Avatar of Khaine is very deadly as well.

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