Cruiser Shadow

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Re: Cruiser Shadow

Postby Ire » 27 May 2016, 19:51

My issue with the shadow (aside from starcannons needing a buff/rework imo) is the light torpedo armament.

Why, when eldar torps are a listed "advantage" for the race, is the shadow the only cruiser with a 4 spread instead of 6? It offsets the eldar torp advantage.

Also, might point out that aside from chaos (who basically don't bother with torps) eldar have no alt-torps to fire (possibly some sort of haywire torps?)

Yes, the ship had a 4 spread on the TT, but that's hardly a argument where this game and eldar are concerned.

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Re: Cruiser Shadow

Postby Beernchips » 27 May 2016, 20:03

Eldar torpedoes have dodge and IGNORE armor (other factions REDUCE armore to 25).
These torps are already the best in game and giving them an alt torp will be overkill.
The true Torpedoes factions will be IN with spamming a lot of avergare torpedoes and Taus with guided torpedoes.
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