CWE - Think we will see them in our roster?

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Re: CWE - Think we will see them in our roster?

Postby XViper » 01 May 2016, 05:09

I'd love that to be honest.
The problem comes down to whether they are 'allowed' to by Games Workshop (being such a greedy and intellectual property hungry company as they are).

If this game is going to have any hope of succeeding/surviving long term, the developers are going to need to be given the freedom to come up with their own custom content for the game.

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Mr Morden
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Re: CWE - Think we will see them in our roster?

Postby Mr Morden » 01 May 2016, 13:18

XViper wrote:From what I can find I doubt Dark Eldar have the ship numbers to even be a proper faction in the game.
(Then again, I also have no problem in new ships being created separate from canon lore to actually accomplish decent gameplay).

But no, not Dark Eldar.

Eldar Corsairs and Craftworld Eldar are very similar in design and style, and for the purposes of gameplay could be easily combined.
Dark Eldar are clearly different and unique in their own way, and their ships look completely different.

It would be cool if you could have one or two Sardonic and sarcastic Dark Eldar Captains in a Corsair fleet, maybe with lower pts cost and more chance of retreating - because they value their lives more than yours......

Much in tune with the Eldar video and the voice over that woud require new pics and voice acting - something that is hugely needed in general.

re ships - Dark Eldar have plenty -they never did much with them in BFG sadly.
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Re: CWE - Think we will see them in our roster?

Postby Harlequin » 17 May 2016, 18:59

MadDemiurg wrote:I think Eldar fleet needs more ship options or customisation. Adding CW Eldar as a separate fleet is questionable since they have only a few ships of their own. Adding them to the corsair rooster would be a good option to increase the diversity.

Long ago i said the same, but it seems like they try to stay close to TTB. Until GW re-release BFG with new Models and other stuff, the problem will stay. :(
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Re: CWE - Think we will see them in our roster?

Postby Braincandy » 17 May 2016, 22:34

Craftworld Eldar would not be a magic fix by anymeans. They only had 3 ship types (2 cruisers and an escort) , the mini's they used were for an ancient precursor to BFG and IMO rather poor looking. I am not even sure if the rules were actually official.

Someone asked earlier about homing torpedoes, that was not Craftworld Eldar. They use the same stealth torpedoes as the Corsairs. It was Tau that had homing torps.

Personally, I'd rather them just invent their own new Eldar ships. Bump the Eclipse back down to regular cruiser and give it's 2 launch bays like it's supposed to have. Then, figure out what gaps in the ship loadouts need to be filled and start inventing.

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Re: CWE - Think we will see them in our roster?

Postby Draxynnic » 19 May 2016, 10:00

The impression I’ve always had is that there wasn’t a lot of technical distinction between “Craftworld” and “Corsair” ships. “Corsair” ships are typically built at the Craftworlds, and then appropriated by crews taking the Path of the Outcast. Essentially, becoming a Corsair is viewed by the Craftworld Eldar as equivalent to becoming a Ranger (both involve following the Path of the Outcast), and both typically retain a relationship with their craftworld of origin despite living away from it.

From the Imperium’s perspective, the line is even more blurred since, similar to Rangers joining a Craftworld army, Corsair ships will often join the fleet of a Craftworld on a major operation, and for that matter, the craftworlds themselves often engage in piracy to sustain themselves. In fact, the history of the Gothic war in the TT includes Imperial speculation that the upturn of Eldar activity, including the Eldar siding with the Imperium against Abaddon in the end, was partially due to a craftworld passing through the sector at the time.

As a result, while a “Craftworld Eldar” fleet was created, I think the intent when BFG was written was that the same ship classes were used by the corsairs and the craftworlds.

In that manner, I think it would be quite fitting to include “Craftworld Eldar” ship classes into the Eldar roster. It’s only a couple of cruisers and an escort, but the cruiser level is where the Eldar lack of diversity is currently the most jarring.

Regarding favours: I think it’s reasonable for “Craftworld” ships to have the same favours: it simply represents which specific craftworld they’re from.

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