Eldar favours and relevant tactics

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Eldar favours and relevant tactics

Postby Asdrubael_Vect » 10 October 2016, 13:50

Play full Seim-Hann eldar fleet and looks like it's... No effective so much. And that inspired me to start discussion: Which favours eldar fleet needs today? Which tactic is relevant to chosen combinations of favors? Please substantiate your opinion
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Re: Eldar favours and relevant tactics

Postby Beernchips » 10 October 2016, 18:55

Stasis /Pulsars/ Ulthwe = kill shield fast / block enemy into ulthwe maelstrom
Saim hann + stealth + augur disruptor = perma stealth + 25% bonus damage on pulsars/starcannons
Alaitoc + carriers = identify and put beacon on enemy then stay at range to launch ordnances/free crits
Biel tan can be use for the ship which will have to identify enemies
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Re: Eldar favours and relevant tactics

Postby menaximus » 10 October 2016, 21:23

There is a nice trick to use biel-tan with eclipse pattern. Just go close on the side of enemy fleet and use brace for impact order + Wraithbone Reinforcement ability. With good position, the enemy shouldnt be able to ram you instantly, and you should be able to shot two rounds of pulsars (not to mention torpedos). Once the WR is down, or the enemy is about to ram you, use teleportation ability + Improved Augur Array and run away.

However, i wouldnt recommend to use this tactic when fighting orcs or other close range type of units (no shit ;) ), but it works PErfectly when fighting tau or (sometimes) chaos.

As for saim-hann... the worst thing that can happen is a beacon on your ship, and usually its relatively easy to happen. If somehow you can avoid it, you dominate the enemy.

The other two favours are really easy to handle, since you can stay in safe distance/invisibility and enjoy the fireworks.

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