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Re: Ork DethDeala Builds

Posted: 02 June 2016, 19:02
by Jarrid
I mostly only use dethdealas when it's orks v orks or assassination. It's just too slow and in most games will be kited to death.

In games I do use it I have the sunz favour with heavy kannons and torp launchers. Mwj, taunt, waaagh and refill red button. With maxed out gunnery and boyz this is a beast of a brawler.

Mwj to best ramming position then double red button into the enemy, front ramming and firing torps. Then assault and devastating broadsides when youre in close. Done right this beast will demolish almost anything, just don't try and make it catch anything fast!

Re: Ork DethDeala Builds

Posted: 28 June 2016, 20:03
by Someuntrustworthygit
my build for my dethdeala is: favor bad moonz, upgrades weird boy tower, more dakka, really big gunz, grot gunnerz, grot messengers, anuvver deck, weapons, 6 lotsa gunz, 3 prow gunz, mega kannon (and I guess plus that werid boy tower), this build mainly focuses on the constant and high dps of all my gunz and my prow gunz working together to fire 32 shots doing 20 dps, or during lock on 48 shots and doing 30 dps all at a very constant accurate rate at high range.