Ork the best ranked race?

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Ork the best ranked race?

Postby Adrmial Seraph » 30 August 2016, 01:54

I've been experimenting on ranked and I think I've discovered something. ork are really, really good at winning matches if you play them right.

For example, right now I'm taking mass brutes with nova kannonz, torpedoes, belt armor and putting all my firepower on my broadside with kustom points with Bonkers Big Mek.

The result is as I approach the enemy, I have thick torpedo spreads which when focused can overwhelm anything but overlapping fighter screens of 12+ ordinance bays, a beefy fleet that can withstand multiple torpedo barages and 7 nova kannonz which utterly decimate with belt armor preventing the 1st crit from destroying the prow if you're unlucky.

The idea is to approach, spam torps and novas as much as possible, closing in for brawling range, depending on the opponent's fleet position and if they have ordinance or novas of their own you can hang out of reach and just spam them unti lthey fight you for maximum nova spamage.

When they come, you brawl and brawl HARD. Don't try to save your ships, try to get ones that are damaged into a spot where they'll hurt your ships less with Bonkers Big Mek but hurt the enemy severely. You can also cause a chain reaction, which is fantastic if you can fleet wipe the opponent or close to it.

Your goal is not to win game 1. It's to wreck your opponent's fleet. As long as you're not taking more losses and not wrapiong out, it's good.

Next game, bing your surviving nova kannon ships and make up the difference in Savages.

Savages will wreck their unupgraded line ships while your remaining novas and torps will clean up any escort spam.

Choose the most cruiser clashy map modes possible since that promotes your strategy to win the match rather than focusing on a single game.

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Re: Ork the best ranked race?

Postby Crnyo » 30 September 2016, 18:16

I'll have to try out this nova/torp combination.

Zap spam used to be unbeatable few months ago, dunno if they fixed it.
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