Ork rework suggestion

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Ork rework suggestion

Postby MYNAME? » 27 June 2016, 09:53


Ork ships NEED ROLES THIS CAN BE ACHIEVED THROUGH. Weapon cost rework +1 Kostum point for BC and BS, dedicated beam boat and some other knick knacks like perks that some ships start out with and others that can be obtained through upgrades and weapon choices.

Best thing that could happen is that they get a gradual rework from weapon costs, kostum points all the way up to giving certain ships special traits ex. (stealthy/ speedfreak/ da shootiest) Will make examples. Implementing atleast 1 or 2 cruiser type ships that you can select for a dedicated range role. The problem that orks and to some extent the eldar have is that they are linear. They need to make some ships more unique and give them some sort of trait that could help them be used for certain tasks.

Explaining perks for certain ships and perks you unluck depending on how you allocate your points.

Speed freak (Natural Perk for Basha Light cruiser)

These ships will have 188 speed and better turning speeds.

This paired with stealth upgrade will help you out with dealing with eldar as well as allowing ork players come up with some really cunnin tactics.

For balance reasons if you equip tractor cannons you lose your speed perk.

Fighta bomba supremacy perk

Perk for dedicated carriers
If you invest in 4 ord bays your bombers receive a damage buff. Instead of doing 5 damage they now do maybe 15 damage.

Silent running

I think this should be core. All ork ships should have Silent running.

The stealthy trait will function like camo and desipators would. You have extended duration and your brb wont reveal you until you make iS within 12k 15 k of enemy ships

However if you equip tractors you lose the ability to silent run and cant get the stealthy trait.

In order for you to get the stealthy trait I think it should be a upgrade.

Da shootiest perk. (Unlocks ability)
Ability will be called DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA

This perk can only be givin to a ork battle cruiser and battleship

Your ship will receive this perk if you invest most of your kostum slots into Macros it is optional and will give your guns a buff (I am not sure what it would be but this perk will turn your BC into your true close up damage dealer. Im gussing this perk/ ability should increase all your guns fire rate. Reduce enemy armor by 10 and allow you to shoot at enemies 6 k away. This ability would last 15 seconds im thinkin. During that time you dont want to even think of brawling the orks because their mega cannons and guns will be shooting every 3-4 seconds. To make it have a negative orky side of it you have a 25% chance to receive a "non permanent" critical on whatever gun is shootin at the enemy. Your guns would self crit after the cool down starts meaning you get to shoot all your guns but may have to make repairs on 1 of your guns after. RNG I know and probably pointless. But this would help a lil bit to get that orky feel.

This is one of the traits that you cant lose when equipping the tractor beam.

Hope u guys like some of my suggestions of improving orks in a way that could make them fun and not boring to play. Lots of it is guessin but if enough people like it and pitch in some ideas the devs may notice and take some of these ideas out and figuring out some ways to iron the orks out.

Ork zapps.

They should be the most expensive weapon system to mount on your ships

They should be expensive enuff that you can only field 2 dedicated zapp boats befor u wanna start fielding CQC or carriers.

Also those upgrades u can have for the zapps I would make them passive to compimsate for its high price. This will keep zapps powerful but not OP spammable.

Also I would like zapps to become broadside options as well. This would allow orks to go with a mix of cannons. Granted these zapps will be a little bit weaker but still have the same range. Not sure if its a good idea or not.

Grot guns. Yes they are unpleasant. I think these things should be a lil bit better in the range department maybe so dedicated ork carriers could make use of those.

I like everything about orks and hope to play them eventually but they are just in a very awkward spot and I cant be bothered to play them atm...

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