Using OP tactics in Beta

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Re: Using OP tactics in Beta

Postby PUFF_DRAGON » 18 March 2016, 00:00

SpookyBrenda wrote:
VanHoven wrote:It has 2 macro-batteries per broadside, each with 4 attacks a 18 damage every 12 seconds. The tooltips do not account for multiple guns in one battery... trust me, it works that way. otherwise prow turrets would be soooo much more powerful than broadside weapons, chaos would be severely outclassed, some ships just downright useless.

Edit: Maybe easiest example for that is the Chaos Light Cruiser Hellbringer. If the tooltips were right it would be more powerful than any cruiser, only matched by the battleships. that can't be right and doesn't match with ingame perfomance.

Huh, neat. Is there anywhere where we can figure out how many weapons are in each broadside?

Also, that's fucking insane. Like 14 more points for a cruiser with 3 times the DPM?

It's got the Nova Cannon too which makes it even more ridiculous. I'd still take it even without the Nova Cannon.

Macro Cannons with the armor pen upgrade are mad good.

Armor piercing rounds are especially fun with Sword class escorts or Dauntless Light Cruisers with engine upgrades. I like to envision them as a swarm of zippy piranhas. :3

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