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Builds Advice

Postby Ackbar » 22 May 2016, 07:27

Hi all,

I need some help deciding what upgrades I need to outfit ships of varying roles and I am hopeless deciding between so many options. Such as chasers, brawlers, tanks, support. I would like a ship at least one in each role. Skills would be nice as well

This is my current ship line up


2x overlords

2x tyrants
1x dictactor

2x dauntless mk1
2x dauntless mk2

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Re: Builds Advice

Postby Sovereign » 29 May 2016, 10:24

I tend to run dauntless mkII as vanguards. Kitted with shield and hp buffs to allow them to tank fire, I give them astartes favours and use them to cripple bigger ships. Because they're ever so slightly faster than your cruisers they can chase down enemies who want to stay at range. Torpedoes can also help you score lucky crits or start fires as you close the distance.

The MkIs are good for chasing fleeing enemies with their lances and turrets. Focusing engines is a good idea for these guys.

Tyrants and Dictators are solid choices, I presume you're running the Dictator for fighter defence?

Overlords are deliciously brawly but I do find the accuracy drop off at long range frustrating. Same goes for the Tyrants with range upgrades but you have redundancy in numbers so volume of fire should make up for poor accuracy at long range.

"Battleship" is a misnomer for the Emperor, "supercarrier" is more like it. A fantastic support ship that can hold it's own for a time. I love to combo carriers with astartes dauntless mkIIs.

Generally it looks like you're going for long range with close quarters counter attack ships. I'd maybe take 3 Dauntless mkII and another Dictator if possible. More boarding fighters combined with Tyrant and Dauntless broadside boarding makes your fleet debilitating at all ranges.
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Re: Builds Advice

Postby Beernchips » 29 May 2016, 12:11

Some ideas

Chaser : Lance Dauntless with AdMech favor (work also with torp dauntless with short burn torps)
Skills : Supercharged shield + enhanced coil
Upgrades : Efficient plasma thrusters / additionnal shield / voss shield + 3 upgrades of your choice

Support : Dictator with Inquisition
Skills : shield transfer + stasis bomb
Upgrades : faster ordnances / advanced cogitator linkage (use reloadeverytime its possible to reduce the CD of ordnances and skills) / short burn torpedoes + 2 upgrades of your choice

Tank : Tyrant or Overlord with Astartes
Skills : supercharged shield + emergency capacitor (+ MWJ for Overlord)
Upgrades : additionnal shield / shield regen / voss shield / additionnal hull / advanced cogitator linkage (use brace for impact when shield is down)

Brawler : Tyrant or Overlord with Astartes
Skills : supercharged shield + emergency capacitor (+ MWJ for Overlord)
Upgrades : additionnal shield / shield regen / voss shield / short burn torps / AP ammo
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Re: Builds Advice

Postby Spector » 29 May 2016, 14:33

That is about the same setup I have. But I have 4x mark II dauntless.

I will link you some screen shots as it is easier then writing it all down.

All ships have shield transfer skill in support of the voss pattern shields upgrade. Almost all ships have faster torps, just not the carriers, and that is why they have ram upgrade, silent special maneuvers upgrade and belt armor + detection range upgrade. The tactic is to get in close not be identified, fire torps, MWJ away, fire torps again into the side of the enemy ships, then ram them with full speed ahead. That is where the extra fuel skill comes in so you can maneuver for the torps and rams.
I use the Dauntless with Inquisition favor as a dedicated runner in Assassination and Data recovery missions. The other 3 with AM favor are for 3k close in brawling. Same for Tyrants while Overlords can keep their distance at the start, pull enemy ships with taunt and prevent them from moving away from mass torps. Then they too can move in for a ram or two. The BB is very faction/mission oriented. For destroying transports and platforms it's the king. For getting close and personal with Eldar and Chaos as well. Not good vs Orks or other brawling Imps.
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