IN - Which favour do you favour?

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Re: IN - Which favour do you favour?

Postby Deuzerre » 22 April 2016, 16:39

Inquisition really makes the ships more efficient with the whole crew getting improved (means you can have quite a few crew to the max), and the tarot is really useful against some specialized builds that re-cloak often.

Space marines is decent thanks to the better resistance to boarding. The terminator strike is great too if you add the +1 lightning strike upgrade.

The fleet is really... Meh. Cobras are..; Meh, and you need the whole fleet to be Imperial Navy for it to be worth it (as well as staying away from the fight at the start) and not running away is nice, without being groundbreaking.

Ad Mech is great on some ships, but not all of them. You need to have to think of a special build, and not get it too early otherwise you're going to waste it.
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Re: IN - Which favour do you favour?

Postby lord_sitruc » 22 April 2016, 17:31

My favorite set up right now is that of having my LC with space marirnes to go in and mix it up a lot for not much points and a lot of confusion on the enemy side and my bigger ships to get Ad Mech for the extra skills and upgrades. It works really well.

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Re: IN - Which favour do you favour?

Postby Voxar » 22 April 2016, 18:00

I honestly feel like IN has the most balanced and well thought out favors in the game. Admech is great, Inquistion is your great for long range ships like Mars or an upgraded range Gothic / Tyrant and the crew point is pretty great too, Navy is great if you put it on LC and with the new melta torps is even better - the only negative is that for this to work you have to focus a lot of renown on it and should also upgrade your cobras, and then SM favor is great for a boarding fleet or to just counter heavy boarding fleets like Orks or the LS favor Eldar.

Chaos comes pretty close, the only questionable one being slaanesh (just got a range buff tho) the other two factions though I feel could have some buffs with some (not all) of their favors.

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Re: IN - Which favour do you favour?

Postby ParaBellum » 22 April 2016, 20:42

IMO Adeptus Mechanicus favour is a tad too good. A bonus skill AND a bonus upgrade? Hard to take another favour over this one.

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Re: IN - Which favour do you favour?

Postby Lihkan » 23 April 2016, 10:05

Dont like AdMech because of Paintjob and because I dont like AM in general. I am running with dedicated Inquisition fleet, and two SM brawler cruisers. Navy Favor is great in theory, but Cobras are...I just don't like them, and that is said by someone who favors torpedo ships. Not until they got a group torpedo fire or functioning autocast.

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Re: IN - Which favour do you favour?

Postby BrianDavion » 23 April 2016, 10:27

ParaBellum wrote:IMO Adeptus Mechanicus favour is a tad too good. A bonus skill AND a bonus upgrade? Hard to take another favour over this one.

well keep in mind all favors/marks grant a passive and an active ability. admech just allows you to go "meh I'd rather just use the skills the gave us"

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Re: IN - Which favour do you favour?

Postby Pony » 23 April 2016, 11:53

AM: 8/10.
It allow you to chose the active and passive you get from favour, choise IS great. Of course you don't get any "OMG THAT'S AWESOME!!", but no other things realy are.
Bonus skill is Perfect on light cruisers (+100%) and cruisers (+50%), less for biggers.
Passive allow some nice up or focus.

INQ: 7/10
INQ can make some things of SM and IN.
Realy usefull on a carrier (and BS) cause you can max 4 instead of 3 crew members, and keep 2 and 1 points on the last. Thats a 6 points bonus. Gunner, slaves and squad leader are obvious. Warp is nice, enforcers too.
Tarot is realy nice to spot that crappy eldars kitting and let you launch bombers.

SM: 4/10
Niche. If you wanna board, play orks.
On light ships its not that bad, cause they use to go near, and needs to crits the engine for your killers. On biggers, boarding bonus is less important.
Terminators is not a bonus skill to use, its just an upgrade that make you need to upgrade the teleportarium. But its well to shut down lazy eldars motors.
+1 boarding, that's not bad, but if you use board you're not using your terminators...
+10 crew : well, INQ gives +3/+6. Ok you can get +19. Awesome.
Don't forget that : orks can board far far better, Nurgle love you to be so near and many eldars have the +30 vs fast strike on their carriers.

IN: 3/10
On the paper, its realy cool. Beeing able to summon a ship. Whoa! Unik mechanic in the game! But...
Cobra are weak. Fast, but fragile. You need to upgrade them. Well. But you need to upgrade transports, ok. To upgrade Swords, ok. And now to upgrade widowmakers, to smash that pussy Eldar, ok.
On late game maybe. But, as the comp doesn't up with ships level, put it on your dauntless.
Discipline : that one suxx. Realy, it's awfull. Just no " i must leave commisar, my pony wait me", serious? INQ do near the same, plus many other things.

Well, and sorry, i'm french.

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Re: IN - Which favour do you favour?

Postby Lord Oz » 01 May 2016, 01:18

I have gone to the lengths of using both Inquisition and Adeptus Astrartes on my vessels, my Retribution-battleship is out-fitted with the Adeptus Astrartes with an additional teleportarium to ensure maximum damage as well. On top of that, I've outfitted my smaller Dauntless Mk2 Light Cruisers with the Inquisition favour so that my battleship can identify and engage once a vessel in within that 12km range, making the most of the lance batteries. I have a Dominator-class cruiser with the Inquisition-favour in order to identify a target of high-priority and ensure I have a precise location for a nova-cannon blast, to at least weaken a shielded vessel.

I find that using these two favours together is smart, as you can identify primary threats before they even come into range and that allows you to focus your attention and plan your moves a lot better. Not to mention that if you have a smaller vessel with the Inquisition favour, you can use it during data recovery missions to see what you're coming up against and when that ship is your admiral ship, you have a better chance of out-maneuvering enemy targets as you can see their heading / course.

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Re: IN - Which favour do you favour?

Postby yamato2cz » 01 May 2016, 08:45

4 spacemarine dauntless mk2. with speed upgrade, teleport,turning radius, colling down of engines. all nice things. nothing can withstand 12 lighting strikes. eldars and orks gets trashed by this.

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Re: IN - Which favour do you favour?

Postby angelshard » 01 May 2016, 09:27

The admech favour is hands down the best favour IN has. Nothing can really compete with an extra skill and upgrade.

That said I like having a single astartes dauntless for baiting boarding and chase down runners.

Inquisition is a nice favour, but tarot is a bit too random to be really good. It works wonders in convoy though.

The IN favour I really dislike. Having an ability start on CD encourages turtle play, as you get the most out of it by avoiding combat until you start spitting out cobra escorts, and I hate turtle tactics.

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