IN 'Concerns'.

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Re: IN 'Concerns'.

Postby Deuzerre » 23 April 2016, 19:01

The only real issue with the Imperial navy is...
Their ships are overpriced. Almost all of them are overpriced.
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Re: IN 'Concerns'.

Postby HERO » 23 April 2016, 19:12

EBA wrote:Maybe it's just the dauntless that makes IN so painful to grind up. They fumble against two other races hard.

This is the case with every faction.

Enjoy the grind.

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Re: IN 'Concerns'.

Postby Magni » 23 April 2016, 20:25

Imperator5 wrote:Don't use MWJ anymore, its crap.

Well, depends. It's pretty useless for offensive maneuvering now, but good at getting a ship out of a bad place or speeding up repositioning. Definitely not a must-have skill anymore, but it has its place.

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