Cant beat orks on heroic as IN

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Cant beat orks on heroic as IN

Postby Badman » 28 July 2016, 09:59

Hi, my goal was beat some levels on heroic elite mode (single players). Elite mode is only cruiser clash. All i wrote in this post is about SINGLE PLAYER heroic elite. I know there are different tactics for human opponents.

I roll witch setup:
tyrant x2
lunar (tyrant will be better but on 700 points i can take only lunar)
that gives best broadside damage per minute (2880 with no armor) and biggest hp/sp amount for 700 points.

Chaos, Eldar i roll over.
SM are harder especially their biggest ships but they are excellent torpedos target. Little kitting and its okay.
But orks? On lover difficulty settings i manage to chain-ram them (yes i use every gimmick i can find), but now they have soo big numbers in everything. Damage, hull points, number of ships. Kitting them as IN is not easy, because IN cant shot backward and if trying circle around them they close gap fast.

I was trying carrier setup:

Because orks have lower turrent amount. But its only -3 turrent per ship and they have a lot of clustered ships. Not very effective.
Also nova cannon is so bad right now that it don't do much damage even versus ork cluster (novas only on mars).

I was also trying some escort/dauntless builds. Escorts are crazy effective vs eldars but orks have a lot of nova cannon and my escorts are dying from it.

No idea how to beat them.

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Re: Cant beat orks on heroic as IN

Postby aprg » 28 July 2016, 17:51

I'd say what might be effective against an Ork Elite AI deathball.
  • kiting Dictators with the Mezoa Engine upgrade; kill their Escorts first and use Stasis/MWJ to control the distance;
  • Dauntless (MK1) with speed upgrade to harry/harass;
  • Plasma bombs in general are good against Orks since by default they'll outnumber you. That's what bombs are for!

I don't really know much about Single Player Elite Mode as I usually play multiplayer; but what little I've played of Heroic Mode suggests that trying to outshoot an Ork deathball is never going to be an easy job, because focusing fire while keeping your ships alive is a Herculean task when those Ork ships get the Heroic difficulty AI bonuses.

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Re: Cant beat orks on heroic as IN

Postby Badman » 28 July 2016, 20:13

After some req farming i manage to beat 20lv space hulk and keep on going. Finished this mission with 7 hull points so it was close :D

I use now retribution + 3xgothic

On gothic i use mechanicus and:
upgrades: speed upgrade, lance distance, lance shield damage, ramming damage and detection range
skills: teleport, stasis bomb, fuel refill (iduction cells? dont know names in english)

Also got some succes switching retribution with overlord + windowmaker (12,5k range detect upgrade) and changing last upgrade for gothic for shield regen upgrade.

When i farm some req i also will try emperor + gothics but this ship is so slow even with upgrades i dont know it will survive 30 sec.

Killing orks is now possible but other factions are kinda hard now. But for fight with chaos/eldars i can take retri+2xoverlord+sword frigate instead of gothic. Or just dauntless + mass sword frigate. SM armor dont work for shit vs mass lance build so this one is easy now.

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