battle barges vs macro cannons

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Re: battle barges vs macro cannons

Postby Ubikuuu » 29 June 2016, 09:11

Spartan-089 wrote:
Ubikuuu wrote:Surprise!
Something changes and who gets fucked more then anyone else?

Man I sure am happy to have switched race.

Guys just stop struggling.
Play Orkz. The real artillery faction.
Zzap and Torps. Put a Grot Launcha on Terror. Bring two Terror.
100% win rate vs SM in clash.
And its soooooo relaxing.

PS. So that noone can say I wasn't the first. Orkz Vs Orks is about to have a meta shift.

1st the is a IN thread in their faction directory, as much of an Ork fan myself (near 100% total win rate, 40k reno, max fleet) that is not a helpful comment. I see you make a lot of the "Orkz iz OP so Im gunna use them to show that" posts in various topics here and is frankly anoying. Tindalos will figure out how to curb Zzaps and make Orks a viable brawling faction again wile giving them a viable chase tool against kiters.

On topic, its not unbeatable. Is it hard to counter?, absolutely. 3 Dominators and a Mars (for Nova and fighter screen) will put the hurt at both long range and close if properly kitted out and all focusing 1 Barge at a time, I mean everything, boarding actions, lightinng strikes (if marine favor), double broadside maneuvering, and Nova Cannon shots. If faced with 2 barges always focus fire 1 until it dies, then move on the other.

Oh I am so sorry, I annoyed you? Heartbreaking. Again, I could go post digging, but what's the point right? Hell, your signature swaps alone tell the whole story. I know that facing the disaster you were one of the most fervent sponsor of is frustrating, but come on, have some dignity and take it on the chin like the good little 6k AP Savage spammer you are (were, now you got even better and easier tools).
But I completely agree on the relaxed approach: "Hey don't worry, the *emergency buffs* will be fixed...somehow...someday..."

Still one one point you were right, that was not directly helpful, so I ask for pardon to OP and all the others.

More on topic, three I think are the keys here.
As said AP, fighters and detection.
Here is the thing: when you see SM opponent, you MUST assume one carrier will not be enough.
Yes even an Emperor: hangars per se maybe, but it slows you down too much OR you accept to split and that makes you more vulnerable. With four total bays Homing Torps will still get through if thats the enemy fleet focus.

So what? Bring two Dictators or two Mars? Mars lances are ok, but then are a couple of Dominator/Tyrant be enough to bring two Barges down? Frankly I don't think so.
Here is when detection comes in: get Emission Dissipator to dodge probes, which in turn will allow for a single BC/CA carrier (maybe even none).
So here I was thinking maybe three between Ovvie, Doms or Tyrant, rest upgraded Firestorms.

9k Gothic does good here sure. But only one of them? Surely you need to bring two. Two on three total cruiser slots. Might be an acceptable compromise in the current SM heavy meta, but that's clearly not what you want in general.
But! But! Emperor, Ovvie, Mars, 2xGothic and one Tyrant may be a dock composition worth testing.
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Re: battle barges vs macro cannons

Postby Zargor » 29 June 2016, 09:33

I'm currently trying :
1 x Emperor with Emission dissipator
2 x Gothics
1 brawler Dauntless with Augur Disr. to blind them before they reach the fleet

So far so good though usually, I loose the Dauntless and sometimes 1 or 2 Gothics :/ Ships are not maxed out yet, though.

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Re: battle barges vs macro cannons

Postby Avlaen » 29 June 2016, 12:16

aprg wrote:I much prefer torps over Nova Cannons against Space Marines; in fact my current Imperial Fleet hasn't yet lost a match to SMs because they simply take too much torp damage while closing.

Also: against high TV Space Marines, you're almost always better off doing a Lightning Strike over a Boarding Action. viewtopic.php?f=35&t=15925&start=10#p54460

i have additonal teleporter + imp assassin and SM favour so i allways use LS :P

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