How does Gunnery and Damage work in this game?

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How does Gunnery and Damage work in this game?

Postby Schpam » 21 March 2016, 01:11

I am not sure if I'm understanding what it takes to kill ships in this game.

The video below is a simple example of this. Nothing exceptional, just another case of things not proceeding as I would have predicted

2 of my Dauntless cruisers take on an AI controlled Hellbringer light cruiser.

What follows confuses me, I see a Chaos cruiser continuously take macro battery fire and 17 torpedo hits, almost warp out and almost destroy 2 light cruisers.

I see macro cannon fire striking the ship in constant volley's, I see his void shields collapse several times, but his hull is hardly decreasing.

I counted 17 torpedo's, not counting the ones destroyed by defensive fire or physically missed the target, hit the target and do almost no damage.

So what is going on? Do I need to just need "L2P Noob" or is there something I'm missing or both?

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Re: How does Gunnery and Damage work in this game?

Postby DatonKallandor » 21 March 2016, 01:23

What you experienced was the combination of torpedoes being underpowered and you hitting the several torpedo salvoes while the target had Brace for Impact running (that's the ! floating above). Brace is extremely strong in a very small set of situations and two of those are torpedoes and macro cannons under 3k without AP ammo.

Depending on how it works, the next patch probably would have caused that fight to end much sooner.

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Re: How does Gunnery and Damage work in this game?

Postby Demoulius » 21 March 2016, 01:59

DatonKallandor already mentioned a few factors in effect. What was also a factor in this duel that one of your cruisers started the fight with less then 50% hp, while the other was at about 75%. You also flew around most of the fight without shields, meaning the enemy cruiser kept doing damage on a consistant basis.

He had you revealed at 9-12km where his guns could hit while you still had to close in. Using the run silent order or using gas clouds could have forced him to close. Then again it was the AI so god know if he would have actually done it :lol:

I understand the confusion but I see nothing strange, just the way armor works currently.


To anwser the question a little bit more thorough... Gunnery shots have a set percentage to hit depending on your distance away from your target. For IN and Chaos that is the following at the moment: at 3km its 80%, at 6km its 60%, at 9 km its 40% and at 12 km its 20%. The farther away your target is, the less of your shots will hit.

Now, each ship also has an armor rating. What armor does is give a flat baseline of % of chance that each shot will be ignore for damage. So take an IN cruiser for example: its armor is F75/S50/R50. Meaning 75% of shots to the front have a chance not to do damage. For Chaos its easier as its armor is F50/S50/R50. Meaning its armor is the same all-round. Torpedoes are also effected by armor.

Lances are different. They ignore armor, and their shots always hit! On the flipside their overall damage is lower.

The reason why the Chaos vessel was having an easier time doing damage is because it had lances in its broadsides.

Hope this anwsers some of your questions :geek:

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Re: How does Gunnery and Damage work in this game?

Postby shadowsfm » 21 March 2016, 02:25

macro batteries and torpedoes have 50% chance of doing full damage or none at all, (next patch torpedoes only get blocked 25% of the time) because of it's 50% armor rating. (RNG can be weird). i would have relied heavily on boarding actions (right clicking the icon so it does it automatically) and i would have executed my captain to prevent him from warping out. i wouldn't have boarded his ship at the end which concealed him from warping out. other than that, i'm impressed with your maneuvering and getting your torpedoes to hit

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