Display error for warp jump unavailability

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Display error for warp jump unavailability

Postby wowu5 » 10 June 2016, 13:38

The bug is as seen in the following screen capture:


Later I aware that warp jump (retreat) is unusable because the generator is damaged, just like how MWJ is also disabled.
The problem is that instead of having a generator icon to show that the disability is related to the critical, it just shows '-26' (and keep counting), which's puzzling and has no meaning.

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Ahzek Ahriman
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Re: Display error for warp jump unavailability

Postby Ahzek Ahriman » 11 June 2016, 14:17

Generator destroyed does not disable warp jump, it just makes the charging up of warp jump longer.
That said, negative timer on screen is still probably a bug.
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