battlefleet gothic armada has stopped working

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Admiral smith
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battlefleet gothic armada has stopped working

Postby Admiral smith » 20 April 2017, 17:29

Since the Last patch i cannot do 1 match skirmish/multiplayer or campaign without the game giving me the message "battlefleet gothic armada has stopped working" when i check for crash logs in the AppData/Local/Battlefleetgothic/saved/logs folder it is empty.

This is a real Pain for me as i have tried reinstalling the game, reinstalling my OS, nothing seems to work, and it only started after the last patch came out.

can some please help me with this? I really love this game and i hate that i cannot play it. :(

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Blexus Falconer
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Re: battlefleet gothic armada has stopped working

Postby Blexus Falconer » 21 April 2017, 10:46

Greetings Admiral smith,

Sorry to hear that. :(
Can you please give us more details? What are your computer specs? What OS do you have?
Did you receive another error message than "battlefleet gothic armada has stopped working"?

Thank you.
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