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Postby KingJohnII » 05 March 2017, 16:45

Before I even start the game, in the Main Menu I have 3 bulletins in the botttom left of the screen telling me the Tau and Space Marines have arrived. I have already purched both DLC and that a new update is available v. 1.7.9962 but I appear to be running v 1.8.10317 ! Anyway clicking on any of these achieves nothing

More importantly if I press for Game help I get to the Frequently Asked Questions and Game Guide but neither seems to work.

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Re: Main Menu

Postby Blexus Falconer » 08 March 2017, 10:28

Greetings KingJohnII,

Bulletins at the bottom left of the main screen are just the latest announcement/news we made.
Although the latest version is the 1.8.10317, we did not feel the need to push a new bulletin for it but if you want more infos about it, here you go : ... 781660169/

Bulletins and FAQ are working well on our side. Try to refresh the Steam files as explained just below and if it does not fix the issue, I recommend you to contact Steam Support: ... =265037866

Kind regards.
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