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navy crashes

Posted: 20 February 2017, 18:41
by Ashardalon
navy favor, station assault or watercaste still crashes often
i have noticed that spreading the reinforcements out a little limits crashes... i think
but if the enemy uses augur disruption this removes the artificial 1sec delay i can add for stability
and since the station reinforcement autocast is on a single click for all tree it makes separating the cooldown even more difficult

am i fussing about something that doesnt actually help?
has there been more advancement in figuring out stabilizing it?

seems like actual numbers of escorts on the field doesnt influence performance for me
have had stable games with 30+escorts and have had crashes on the second reinforcements with only 4 on the field
just having info on what might be causing it would help keep things more stable for me, allowing me to make precautions

Re: navy crashes

Posted: 21 February 2017, 15:38
by Blexus Falconer
Greetings Ashardalon,

I am not sure to understand perfectly what is the issue here: Is it the Augur Disruption mechanic that stir you up? Or is it the way reinforcements are deployed?
Can you please be clearer on what causes you trouble?

Thank you.

Re: navy crashes

Posted: 21 February 2017, 18:44
by Ashardalon
in general the game is pretty stable and very rarely crashes
the one way to get it to crash is navy, watercaste or station assault (to the point where some people even avoid navy because of it)
(navy nova seems worse then navy torp for some reason)
it might be confirmation bias
but its doesnt seem to be related to number or ships on the field, nor number of ships with the favor
but more to do with number of ships with the favor in close proximity with each other (split fleet navy seems more stable, but navy works best in one big fleet)
causing me to have the idea that it has to do with reinforcements being simultaneously called in on the same place (this might be completely wrong)
so i have gotten into the habit of starting reinforcement calling with a 1second delay each and that did seem to reduce crashing

but when someone uses augur disruption in the middle of my fleet
none of my ships can call in reinforcements with their reduced detection range
so when augur disruption is over they again call in reinforcements simultaneously with the risk of crashes that provides (i think)

so what im asking is, am i right in my assumption that the simultaneous reinforcements are what crashes?
does my effort of dividing my reinforcements actually achieve anything?
or is all this some kind of delusional confirmation bias and am i wasting my time and attention?
basically, what is causing the navy, watercaste or station assault crashes?
and is there any progress in making these less common?

how likely is it that i can play station assault as defender with my navy favored fleet in the future? x) jkjk it works mostly

Re: navy crashes

Posted: 22 February 2017, 17:03
by Blexus Falconer
Thank you for the clarification, I understand the issue better now.

I thought it was a tricky case and it actually is. :mrgreen:

On a more serious note as this is quite a specific situation, we will need to investigate more on this subject.
If you found that there is less crashes when you divide your fleet, try to keep it that way.
If I get any news on this topic, I will get back to you. :)